The Obama Cult Apparently Still Has Some Members…

The Obama Cult Apparently Still Has Some Members….

“Republican Woman, Stay Away From Me” By Jasiri X

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Atheists no longer the most despised group in America. Thanks, Scientology!!

Source: Gallup Okay, so my title was quite harsh on Scientologists. The main intention was to create humour for atheist readers. But to Scientologists: it brings me no pleasure to say that the Church of Scientology is a dangerous abusive morally-indifferent criminal organization masquerading as a church. It is a money-making power-coveting organization which organizes … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins on Bill Maher (April 11, 2008)

Dawkins and Maher discuss the popularity of books such as Dawkins’ “The God Delusion”, as well as other recent anti-faith books by authors such as Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens, the brightness of Francis Collins – evangelical Christian and esteemed geneticist, and the possibility of a death-bed conversion by Dawkins.

Illinois Democrat and State Representative: Atheism is extremely dangerous, contrary to America, and atheists have no place in politics

Illinois Democrat and State Representative Monique Davis recently aggressively maligned atheist activist Rob Sherman and all atheists with the following statement during a hearing over a $1 million state grant to preserve a historic Baptist church: “I don’t know what you have against God, but some of us don’t have much against him. We look … Continue reading

Barack Obama’s speech on religion in America

I just watched Barack Obama’s recent speech on religion in America. I *really* like what he had to say. Obama discusses a few key interrelated topics: his personal religious background, the religious divide in America, and the importance of upholding church-state separation.

American readers: Defend your privacy NOW

Two weeks ago I wrote about how Vice President Dick Cheney is pushing for the expansion and permanence of the expiring surveillance law (i.e., that which allows warrantless wiretapping). Congress is now on the brink of a vote on the euphemistically named Protect America Act. Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars reports that … Continue reading

Florida legislators pushing for evolution to be taught as “just a theory”

Remember what I said about having to be a right-wing Christian nutter in order to be a public¬†school administrator or council member in Florida? Well apparently it also applies to legislators in the state. Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald writes: Top state legislators say they’re ready to join the fight over putting the word … Continue reading

The rantings of UnAmericans. Feel free to dissect their nonsense.

Yesterday I received an infuriated comment in response to my post on a Florida school banning gay rights communications.  The ignorance and unAmericanism that filled this comment is astounding but at the same time completely unsurprising. Read on.

United Church of Christ strongly supports evolution

The National Center for Science Education reports that the United Church of Christ has released a new statement on faith, science and technology that describes evolution as a matter of fact. The statement also espouses the misguided faith-based assertion that evolution is the means by which God creates, and claims erroneously that science and religion … Continue reading