Buddhism for Skeptics of Religion

Buddhism for Skeptics of Religion. A non-Buddhist skeptical atheist with background in psychology, scientific research, healthcare and mindfulness meditation shows how many of the central tenets and practices of Buddhism can appeal to other skeptics.

Atheists are Differently Religious – and No, Atheism is not the/a Religion

Atheists are Differently Religious – and No, Atheism is not the/a Religion. A thorough epistemological and ethical consideration of secular philosophies and how they are ultimately rooted in unsubstantiated moral and existential faith claims. This is surely not to dismiss or disqualify them; but to understand them for what they are.

There Will Be War.

“I believe in world peace. I believe it is possible.” – Every politician or beauty pageant contestant ever. Highly unlikely. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be desirable. It’s just not going to happen. Even in an idealistic world where everyone had enough food, followed the Golden Rule, did not covet status, wealth or … Continue reading

Today (FRIDAY) Is Atheist Pride Day

Today is Atheist Pride Day on Facebook*! Participate by changing your Facebook profile picture this scarlet “A” (a symbol for the Atheist Out Campaign): And change your Facebook status to something like “I’m an atheist.” More info here. Happy atheisting! * Note: This event was created and is being promoted by individual Facebook users and … Continue reading

The Young Turks: A Growing Voice For Reason

The Young Turks (TYT) is a burgeoning American independent news and views organization. With their daily, even-handed, candid, insightful and humourous coverage of various issues across the political spectrum, TYT’s YouTube channel has amassed a massive following. They are a demonstration of the sort of standard that major news media does not live up to. … Continue reading

Stephen Colbert: The worst offender against Christianity is God

This is a must-watch Colbert clip. In it, Colbert addresses the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s anti-religion and pro-reason sign at the Washington state Capitol in Olympia, the resolution requiring the¬†Kentucky state Department of Homeland Security’s to display a plaque claiming that “the safety and security of the commonwealth cannot be achieved apart from reliance upon … Continue reading

Apostates who fear being damned, left behind and sent to hell probably would be

Among conservative religionists, there is a view that atheism is bleak because nonbelievers are necessarily plagued with fear of damnation, being left behind and going to hell. This is a fear that literalist religious apologists deliberately cultivate, propagate and maintain in believers and nonbelievers alike. As a consequence of this, it is not too surprising … Continue reading

Political Correctness Gone Mad: Pretending That Our Religions Are Not Inane

What is political correctness gone mad? To-the-letter upholding of the US Constitution or pretending that baseless religious doctrinal claims are not an absurd set of foundations for one’s views on the universe, morality, life and the afterlife? Reason versus Bill O’Reilly.

The Edger: The Next Big Thing in Online Secular Activism

In what is just my second post in a long time, I’m making a point of encouraging everyone to check out The Edger. The Edger is a new and extremely well-produced secularism and atheism¬†activism website. I had the privilege of helping to develop this site, and the people commandeering the operation are all very talented … Continue reading

Christian zealots terrorizing Christians by calling Atheist group terrorists

UPDATE: This post is now for humour and lulz (at my expense) purposes only. I’ve just been informed that this is a parody site. In my own defense, however, the millions of religious rightards in the world have made it impossible to use ridiculousness as a red flag for satire. I just stumbled upon a … Continue reading