Scientology Critic Blindsides Cultists During Stress Test

I couldn’t not post this truly epic video. In it, tenacious Cult of Scientology critic AngryGayPope – whom the cult has gone to some lengths to thwart – went into a major Hollywood Scientology centre without being recognized and received a free stress test. Unbeknownst to the Scientologists his videocam, which was around his neck, was … Continue reading


THE GREATEST THREAT TO CIVIL SOCIETY HAS WAGED WAR: THE GAYS ARE RECRUITING. Fellow Bible-toting Neo-Conservatives, we need to act now. If you know a gay person, beat them up. If not, then place an ad in a gay dating service, get a date, and beat him up. Also, be sure to join and donate … Continue reading

Westboro Baptist Church lunatics Rick Roll’d!

A group of Westboro Baptist Church lunatics in Orlanda were Rick Roll’d! For anyone who hasn’t heard of this ridiculous group, they are a small band of Kansas-based Christian fundamentalists who promote the absurd notion that every bad thing that happens to Americans and America is due to American secularism and liberalism. Moreover, they celebrate … Continue reading

Jason Beghe’s damning expose of Scientology continues

Television actor Jason Beghe, the Cult of Scientology’s first celebrity defector, spilled another big heap of beans on Scientology and his experience in it in an interview with the Village Voice. Beghe spoke of how, as a spiritually curious person, he had been deeply intrigued by some of Scientology’s procedures and its claims at helping people … Continue reading


Do NOT let Stephen Colbert see this photo! Pre-cheezburger’d photo from the Oz Atheist

Russian Protestant and Muslim groups want cartoon channel shutdown for airing anti-religious programming

CBC reports that Russian Protestant and Muslim groups are calling for the shutting down of a Russian cartoon channel, 2X2, for airing programs such as South Park, which these groups have deemed to be anti-religious and to promote homosexuality.  2X2 is standing its ground. A spokesperson responded to the demands by pointing out that Russia is a secular … Continue reading

Proof that God exists and that he supports male homosexuality

Hat Tip: Kish

Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israeli MP blames quakes on gays

(BBC) – Ultra-Orthodox Jewish Israeli MP Shlomo Benizri has attributed Israel’s two recent earthquakes to parliament’s tolerance of gays. In addition to the 2 quakes last week, Israel was hit by 4 others in November and December. But y’know, Shlomo is probably right. But not for the reason he thinks. It’s probably all the fags rockin’ … Continue reading

Now that Jerry Falwell is dead, what is Pat Robertson going to do come the rapture?

For one thing, Stewie Griffin’s prediction is not going to be coming true. (click here for video)

The rantings of UnAmericans. Feel free to dissect their nonsense.

Yesterday I received an infuriated comment in response to my post on a Florida school banning gay rights communications.  The ignorance and unAmericanism that filled this comment is astounding but at the same time completely unsurprising. Read on.