Sperm Wars| EVERYTHING is getting more competitive…

The first of many original cartoons at my new blog, Death By Trolley. For more Death By Trolley cartoons, click here.

Ben Stein is Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Expelled parody)

The Scienazis are at it again. It wasn’t enough for them to suppress the highly tenable and definitely scientific approach that is Intelligent Design (and certainly not Creationism). Now they’re suppressing the equally meritorious stork theory of reproduction. Stork theory, a totally viable alternative to the sex theory (which is just a theory) of reproduction, … Continue reading

Defending the legality of abortion

In this post I will argue on behalf of the legality of abortion. I will consider the issues from the stance of the unborn fetus, the parents, and society. I will also briefly consider the issue of abortion in the case of rape. I will not, however, consider abortion from the perspective of religion. While … Continue reading

Western society is in no position to ban the raping of animals. There. I said it.

Now hear me out on this before allowing any pre-conceived judgments to crystallize on this assertion. Before I get into my argument, I will say that I personally have no interest in having sex with or forcing myself sexually upon an animal. Nor am I saying that people should do this, or that it is a … Continue reading

Blogger “Daylight Atheism” calls the Catholic Church an immoral organization

And I’ve got to say, he puts forth a pretty comprehensive argument for it. While he acknowledges that they have certainly done charitable and humanitarian work, he points out that these efforts must be balanced against all of the suffering that it has caused as a consequence of it prioritizing unsubstantiated religious dogma over reason … Continue reading

The rantings of UnAmericans. Feel free to dissect their nonsense.

Yesterday I received an infuriated comment in response to my post on a Florida school banning gay rights communications.  The ignorance and unAmericanism that filled this comment is astounding but at the same time completely unsurprising. Read on.

Reader claims church sign “Lying in bed shouting Oh God doesn’t constitute going to church” had nothing to do with sex.

Admonishing readers to “get their minds out of the gutter”, Martha, who claims to be a member of the Heart Lake United Church asserts that the sign below has nothing do with sex.

Toronto area Church declares “Lying in bed shouting Oh God doesn’t constitute going to church”

No arguments here.

Getting drunk makes you gay

Well, no. But research by Lee et al. presented on Deric Bownd’s MindBlog indicates that an effect of chronic exposure to alcohol on male flies is decreased discrimination in mate selection, including the courtship of other males. The research suggests that flies do not fundamentally change their sexual orientation; rather, they just get really horny … Continue reading