Westboro Baptist Church lunatics Rick Roll’d!

A group of Westboro Baptist Church lunatics in Orlanda were Rick Roll’d! For anyone who hasn’t heard of this ridiculous group, they are a small band of Kansas-based Christian fundamentalists who promote the absurd notion that every bad thing that happens to Americans and America is due to American secularism and liberalism. Moreover, they celebrate … Continue reading

Next World Scientology Protest: TOMMOROW! Operation Sea Arrrgh

The next world Scientology protest is tomorrow (or today, if you’re in my current time zone – I’m in Seoul). Entitled Operation Sea Arrrgh, this protest will focus on the abuses of the cult’s Sea Org – the “elite” division within Scientology which essentially runs the cult. Members of the Sea Org sign billion year … Continue reading

Canadian Freethought Group Stands Up For Free Speech of Pro-Life Group

York University’s Freethought/Nontheist group – Freethinkers, Skeptics, and Atheists at York (FreeSAY) – is standing up for the free speech and free assembly rights of Pro-Lifers at the university, following the university’s recent banning of pro-life groups. The university is banning these groups because they are anti-choice. Greetings, This is an official statement on behalf … Continue reading

Ex-Scientologist Calls CoS a Nazi Organization

Ex-Scientologist and now declared Suppressive Person (SP) Skip Press (whose course completions within CoS are listed here – not sure if this is up-to-date, however) describes the “Church” of Scientology as a Nazi organization. Press claims to have been declared an SP for having left Scientology’s Sea Org, which he described as essentially being a slave … Continue reading

Scientology and Crimes Against Humanity

For more on Scientology, click here.

Old Guard Critics Bob Minton, Stacy Young and Hannah Whitfield on Scientology

Presented below is an April 1998 broadcast by German network ARD on Scientology. The main interviewees are Old Guard Critics of Scientology Bob Minton, Stacy (Brooks) Young and Hannah Whitfield. Former mayor of Clearwater, Florida – the town that Scientology has been working to occupy– Gabe Cazeras, and a Scientology spokesperson were also interviewed. Minton … Continue reading

The Carnival of the Fraudless: Spoofing & Exposing the Cult of Scientology

The first Blog Carnival dedicated to exposing and spoofing the Cult of Scientology is here. Submit hilarious spoofs and well-produced expositions of the Cult of Scientology to theframeproblem [at] live [dot] ca or go through the Blog Carnival system here. Submissions can be text, photo, audio and video. Entries will be evaluated with respect to … Continue reading

MUST WATCH: Ex long-time Scientologists attest to danger of the cult

In this set of videos taken at a press conference in Clearwater, Florida in 1998, former high-ranking Scientologists Arnald (Arnie) Lerma, Scientologist of 10 years, and Stacy Young (Brooks), fourteen years, speak out against the cult. They speak of the cult’s standard practice of imprisoning its members (often in isolation) – indeed, each of these speakers experienced … Continue reading

Former high-ranking Aussie Scientologist, David Graham, speaks out against Cult

After years of silence out of fear of retribution, Ex-Scientologist David Graham of Australia is calling for the complete dismantling of the Cult of Scientology because of the human rights abuses he claims it inflicts on its followers. “I think it needs to be totally dismantled to help save the people in it. It is … Continue reading

Sydney woman deprived of psychiatric meds by Scientologist parents kills father and sister

ABC News reports that this past July, a 26-year-old Sydney woman suffering from psychiatric illness attacked her mother, father and sister with a knife, killing the latter two while doing “grievous bodily harm with intent to murder” the former. “The Supreme Court was told mental health will be an issue at the trial, which will start … Continue reading