Organizations and Blogs

Media for the People:

Free Press – The leading US media reform agency; dedicated to democratizing American media and bringing real democracy to America

Save The Internet – Coalition of defenders of net neutrality and maintenance of a democracy-enabling Internet

Secularist Organizations:

The Center For InquiryLeading international lobby for secularism, reason, science and nontheism

Freethought Association of Canada – Leading Canadian organization for secularism, reason, science and nontheism

National Center for Science Education – US-based organization defending the teaching of evolution in public schools


Death By Trolley – My (Ron Brown’s) new, active blog.

Dispatches From the Culture WarsDefending secularism, reason and democracy

Pharyngula – The world’s most visited atheism and science blog, by biologist and irreverent heathen, PZ Myers

Sandwalk – Canadian biologist Larry Moran on science, atheism, academia, politics and religion

The Panda’s Thumb – Group blog of scientists keeping track of ID/Creationist movement

The Friendly Atheist – Leading secularist blog promoting nontheism, secularism and constructive interaction with theists, By “e Bay Atheist”, Hemant Mehta

Canadian Cynic – snarky Canadian liberal rationalists on Canadian and US politics and the culture wars

Information on Evolution:

Talk Origins – An online compendium of listings and rebuttals to anti-science ID/Creationist misinformation

Understanding Evolution a University of California at Berkeley online evolution educational resource centre

Cult of Scientology Exposition and Protest Sites:

Operation Clambake – AKA Xenu.Net; leading whistle-blower and victim support site for those harmed by the cult

Enturbulation.Org – international protest forum

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