TFP Readables

Here are a few readables from around the blogosphere: Today, I stumbled across a fairly indepth review of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Leaders Guide – a guide for those who want to take the propaganda out of the theatre and into the community. Thus far, I’ve only read about 60% of it, but what … Continue reading

Illinois Democrat and State Representative: Atheism is extremely dangerous, contrary to America, and atheists have no place in politics

Illinois Democrat and State Representative Monique Davis recently aggressively maligned atheist activist Rob Sherman and all atheists with the following statement during a hearing over a $1 million state grant to preserve a historic Baptist church: “I don’t know what you have against God, but some of us don’t have much against him. We look … Continue reading

The short-comings of every theist argument that I have ever heard, and the one type of case that gives me some pause

 I am an agnostic atheist. An agnostic atheist is one who does not make the assertive statement “There is no God”, but simply lacks a belief in any God. I do not know for certain that there is no God, so I won’t claim such knowledge. In my experience, though, I have had no experiences … Continue reading

The Secular Conscience | Dr. Austin Dacey speaks in Toronto this Friday

THE SECULAR CONSCIENCE:  WHY BELIEF BELONGS IN PUBLIC LIFE,  with Dr. Austin Dacey.  The first Canadian book tour stop!  Do ethics presuppose religion? Are objective morals incompatible with  secular liberalism? Do questions of religion & values belong in public  life?

Review of Atheism – Christianity debate between Christopher DiCarlo and Dave Hunt at the “Decide for Yourself” religion debates in Whitby, ON

For general overviews of the event, go here, here and here. These reviews are all written by humanists who were strongly disappointed by the slanted nature of the event. Put briefly, the event was run by Christian literalists, at a Christian school, with Christian moderators, with questions to the speakers having to be written down … Continue reading

Chuck Norris’ delusional speculations on the NIU shootings

If anyone can get to the root cause of school shootings it’s Chuck Norris! Here’s how Chuck breaks the NIU shooting down for us:

Defending the legality of abortion

In this post I will argue on behalf of the legality of abortion. I will consider the issues from the stance of the unborn fetus, the parents, and society. I will also briefly consider the issue of abortion in the case of rape. I will not, however, consider abortion from the perspective of religion. While … Continue reading

Misunderstanding Evolution: Confusing Is with Ought

Recently I was speaking to a Catholic friend about evolution. I cannot remember how we stumbled upon this topic, but when he first brought it up he referred to evolution as “Darwinism”. I pointed out to him that the correct term is actually “biological evolution” and that “Darwinism” was a derogatory remark created by certain … Continue reading

Western society is in no position to ban the raping of animals. There. I said it.

Now hear me out on this before allowing any pre-conceived judgments to crystallize on this assertion. Before I get into my argument, I will say that I personally have no interest in having sex with or forcing myself sexually upon an animal. Nor am I saying that people should do this, or that it is a … Continue reading

Sam Harris: It’s not about atheism, it’s about reason and genuine respect for the well-being of others

Having just watched the recent Sam Harris + Rabbi David Wolpe debate on the existence of God, I was reminded of Sam Harris’ very important and agreeable position that a big part of the cultural struggle being fought be secularists should not be about atheism specifically, but about reason generally. Now, the subject of religion … Continue reading