Mental Health Risks For Political Activists


We’ve heard of mental health risks for trauma victims, models, high-performance athletes, people in the public eye, soldiers, executives, people living in poverty, and many other social demographics. As a political activist who studies and works in healthcare, is currently on a placement in a mental health unit, and has had personal struggles with mental health issues linked to depression, anxiety and emotion regulation, I have come to believe that political activists may represent another identifiable group at elevated risk for a series of  mental health issues. Read on.

One Response to “Mental Health Risks For Political Activists”
  1. Totally hear you! Please do check out my blog, which started as a vision and response to years of surveillance and harassment at the hands of CSIS and the FBI, but has become a record (albeit seemingly minor and innocuous) of well-timed threats for exposing their ACTUAL activities.

    Welcome to the New World Order…


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