The Obama Cult Apparently Still Has Some Members…

The Obama Cult Apparently Still Has Some Members….

Implicit newscaster sexism against Hillary Clinton. A good observation by Mrs. Bad Astronomer

The wife of Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy made an interesting observation on Super Tuesday. She noticed that newscasters and commentators were referring to Hillary Clinton on a first-name basis, but to all other candidates either by last name or full  name. I agree with Mrs. BA in her assessment that this is a clear … Continue reading

Cheney pushing for the expansion and permanence of the surveillance law

The Huffington Post reports Vice President Dick Cheney prodded Congress on Wednesday to extend and broaden an expiring surveillance law, saying “fighting the war on terror is a long-term enterprise” that should not come with an expiry date.” … Administration allies in Congress not only want the expiring law made permanent but amended to give … Continue reading

Huckabee’s implicit admission that the US is NOT a Christian nation

Many have already pointed out how Mike Huckabee’s stated desire to amend the US Constitution so as to bring it into line with the Bible is an implicit admission that the Constitution is not a Christian document. Conservative Christians may rebut “Hey! The US is a Christian nation. It’s just not Christian enough, and that’s … Continue reading

How to be a professional political journalist according to Romney press guy: Don’t challenge the statements of Politicians

Unorthodox Atheism has put up footage of Keith Olbermann reporting on Mitt Romney being called out on a lie at an appearance at a Staples store. Romney claimed to not have lobbyists on his campaign committee. Having none of this, Associate Press reporter Glen Johnson cut him off immediately, interjecting “That’s not true, Governor, that … Continue reading

Producers of Expelled trying to bribe Christian schools into encouraging, bribing or forcing their students to see their movie

Producers of the Intelligent Design propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed are trying to bribe Christian schools in America to facilitate or even force their students to go see their movie.