“Republican Woman, Stay Away From Me” By Jasiri X

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Joe The Plumber: Another Symptom of a Dead America

The Young Turks (TYT) is an Internet-based political news and views media organization. They report primarily on American politics. They are liberals and support the Democratic Party. I’m a subscriber to their YouTube channel and I watch new videos of theirs on a daily basis. I usually agree with the views they express and generally … Continue reading

Scientologist teen willing to KILL for Scientology?

This is a video of a teen Scientologist who is angrily frustrated by the way Scientology is viewed by most of society, questions what gives another person the right to talk negatively about his “religion” (answer: the same thing that gives us the right to criticize any other belief we find to be silly – … Continue reading

Battle Creek, Michigan Scientology Protesters: Where Were You?

This message is to Scientology dissidents of Battle Creek, Michigan. Where were you yesterday!? I just checked out Ed Brayton’s popular ScienceBlogs blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where I read that the Battle Creek protest was effectively a no-show. Aside from Ed, there was one other person there – who may well have been there in … Continue reading

Excellent Operation: FairGameStop VIDEO MEDIA COVERAGE

Yesterday, May 10, thousands of protesters of the Cult of Scientology assembled outside of CoS buildings around the world. In this post, which will be updated repeatedly, I will be collecting outstanding video media coverage of the protest. Feel free to provide links to media video (as well as other forms of media, which I’ll … Continue reading

Boston Radio Personality Attends Bizarre Scientology Birthday Party for L Ron Hubbard

WBCN Boston Radio personality describes his peculiar experiences at the Cult of Scientology Boston LRH birthday party. His experience as he reports was indeed very strange, though no longer shocking in the slightest for this observer. In fact, what would have been most shocking is if the event had proceeded as a perfectly normal birthday … Continue reading

Copyright Lawsuits Not a Wise Move for Scientology

We are well past the point where efforts to silence critics – whether it be by harassment, threats, social or physical aggression, or lawsuits – has ceased to be an effective tool for Scientology, generally speaking. Given the thousands of extremely well-connected web-savvy Anonymous protesters and the ultra-charged Old Guard critics (e.g., Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker, Tory … Continue reading

Have you been expelled from pro-Expelled media (e.g., blogs)?

I was recently prevented from expressing dissent on a pro-Expelled blog. I know that I am not the first person to have been expelled for disagreeing with IDists, and will surely not the be last. PZ Myers of Pharyngula has been banned from commenting on a number of pro-ID blogs (e.g., Uncommon Dissent) and was prevented … Continue reading

Russian Protestant and Muslim groups want cartoon channel shutdown for airing anti-religious programming

CBC reports that Russian Protestant and Muslim groups are calling for the shutting down of a Russian cartoon channel, 2X2, for airing programs such as South Park, which these groups have deemed to be anti-religious and to promote homosexuality.  2X2 is standing its ground. A spokesperson responded to the demands by pointing out that Russia is a secular … Continue reading

The writers strike is over, says Michael Eisner

Michael Eisner, Chief Executive Offer of the Walt Disney Corporation, reported today on CNBC’s Fast Money that a deal has been struck between the striking Writer’s Guild of America and the major media companies. Finally. I was about a week away from forgetting the storylines on The Office. CNBC link: http://www.cnbc.com/id/23057002 PS: Anyone know what … Continue reading