Questions on Jewish and Conservative Christian Moral Theology

Many people believe that they and others derive moral believes from religious scriptures. I personally do not buy into this. However, given that many do, I am driven to ask: Theologically speaking, where do observant Jews and Conservative Christians derive their moral precepts?

There Will Be War.

“I believe in world peace. I believe it is possible.” – Every politician or beauty pageant contestant ever. Highly unlikely. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be desirable. It’s just not going to happen. Even in an idealistic world where everyone had enough food, followed the Golden Rule, did not covet status, wealth or … Continue reading

He Was Making A Pun!!

Next on Fox: When Puns Attack… That this man has become a well-known online symbol of stupidity. Unfortunately for him, what is less well-known is that he was making a pun! His “Get A BRAIN MORANS” sign was directed at Democratic Virginia Congressman, Jim Moran, and Moran’s supporters. Did this little quip ever come back … Continue reading The National Center for Science Education’s official response to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The US-based National Center for Science Education has opened up a website for its response to the upcoming Ben Stein crocumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, in which he and fellow Intelligent Design and traditional Creationists spread their delusional thinking about how science and secular governments are out to get them, science is dogmatically enamored with … Continue reading

Charles Barkley blasts the Christian Right, calling them “fake Christians”

NBA great Charles Barkley said what surely millions of people have been thinking for a long time: the Christian Right is rife with fake Christianity. This group is known for being one that claims righteousness in the word Christ, but they have shown themselves to be unChristian time and time again, primarily by passing judgment … Continue reading

The “Oppression” of Christians in America

It’s become somewhat popular among hardline Christians in America to claim that they are being oppressed. “The scientific community is oppressing Intelligent Design” (which isn’t scientific, is based on no evidence, makes no predictions, and has been proven to be nothing more than Creationism in a cheap disguise, and was even rejected outside of the … Continue reading

Producers of Expelled trying to bribe Christian schools into encouraging, bribing or forcing their students to see their movie

Producers of the Intelligent Design propaganda film Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed are trying to bribe Christian schools in America to facilitate or even force their students to go see their movie.

The Cognitive Styles of Liberals and Conservatives

I just picked the January edition of Scientific American: Mind and over the next week or so will be reviewing many of the articles here. This a review #1. And it’s a short review for a short article by Siri Carpenter. In Left Brains vs. Right Brains, Carpenter discusses a difference in cognitive style between … Continue reading

The Who’s Who, Hell Edition

Want to find out who’s going to hell? Well you’ll find that out and a whole lot more at the Republican Faith Chat, formerly Baptists for Brownbeck. On this site, you’ll see the world through the eyes of an absolute, no screwing around, going down with the ship fundamentalist. You’ll read scripture, become reacquainted with … Continue reading