Questions on Jewish and Conservative Christian Moral Theology

Many people believe that they and others derive moral believes from religious scriptures. I personally do not buy into this. However, given that many do, I am driven to ask:

Theologically speaking, where do observant Jews and Conservative Christians derive their moral precepts?

One Response to “Questions on Jewish and Conservative Christian Moral Theology”
  1. Anonymous says:

    To RB: I could tell you where I get my moral precepts from, or at least what I think, but would it make any difference to you? You seem to be a rational person – if the precepts presented to you were to prove or strongly endorse biblical positions, would your thinking be changed? If a brilliant apologist were to present the facts of God’s foundations for mankind’s joy and happiness in this current life and in the life to come, would you consider it as reason enough to continue to search? I am very interested to know what you might say to these questions – not just your responses for yourself but also as a representation of the thinking of people with similar views. Hopefully we can discuss this further. Respectfully, Jim

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