Why healthcare is more efficient in Japan than the US and Canada

The Japanese healthcare system spends FAR less money than the Canadian system, and INCREDIBLY less than the truly abysmal American system, and yet enjoys significantly better results than both. While surely the reason for the differences in health between Japanese, Canadian and American citizens can be traced to reasons beyond the nations’ respective healthcare systems, … Continue reading

He Was Making A Pun!!

Next on Fox: When Puns Attack… That this man has become a well-known online symbol of stupidity. Unfortunately for him, what is less well-known is that he was making a pun! His “Get A BRAIN MORANS” sign was directed at Democratic Virginia Congressman, Jim Moran, and Moran’s supporters. Did this little quip ever come back … Continue reading

To Bill Donahue: FUCK Jesus

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League (yes, that Catholic League) is, as usual, all bent out of shape. Donahue is upset about ESPN anchorwoman Dana Jacobson’s comments during a celebrity roast (roast, y’know, those events where people are encouraged to make edgy comments). Jacobson, reportedly intoxicated at the time, exclaimed “Fuck Notre Dame”, “Fuck Touchdown … Continue reading

Anti-evolution resolutions have found a niche in northern Florida

The National Center for Science Education, an American organization which defends the teaching of evolution in public schools, reports that at least nine northern Florida county school boards have adopted resolutions calling for the state board of education “to revise new Sunshine State Standards for Science such that evolution is not presented as fact, but … Continue reading

Does it even matter that the Bush Administration gets busted in its BS?

Over the past number of years the Bush Administration has been slapped silly by people who have caught them in their lies (e.g., weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nuclear development for war in Iran, torture), fear mongering, violations of the Establishment Clause (e.g., millions in faith-based initiatives), breaking international covenants (e.g., regarding torture), suppression … Continue reading

Mike Huckabee well-received at Christian Conservative White Supremacist Convention

The Raw Story reportsĀ on Mike Huckabee’s January 17 speech to the Council of Conservative Citizens: As South Carolina’s Republican primary election draws nearer, Mike Huckabee has ratcheted up his appeals to the racial nationalism of white evangelicals. “You don’t like people from outside the state coming in and telling you what to do with your … Continue reading

Former Head of Department of Homeland Security: Waterboarding is torture

In an interview with the Associate Press, Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, asserts that waterboarding is indeed torture:

The “Oppression” of Christians in America

It’s become somewhat popular among hardline Christians in America to claim that they are being oppressed. “The scientific community is oppressing Intelligent Design” (which isn’t scientific, is based on no evidence, makes no predictions, and has been proven to be nothing more than Creationism in a cheap disguise, and was even rejected outside of the … Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich accuses Bush Administration of lying in order to justify preemptive attack on Iran, just like Iraq

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) released a statement Wednesday in which he accused the Bush Administration of using lies and deception to suggest that Iran is dangerous and preemptive militaristic action is called for. Basically, it’s Iraq all over again. Kucinich’s press conferences comes shortly after numerous news reports stating that the US had fabricated video … Continue reading


If Barack Obama gets the nod from the Democratic Party, the conclusion of the 2008 Presidential Elections will be the beginning of a new cultural phenomenon in America in which tens of millions of Americans will say at least once “I’m not racist, I voted for Barack Obama!”.