American Dad on God, George W Bush, and Dick Cheney

Fidel Castro steps down from Cuban Presidency

BBC – The 81-year-old Cuban leader announced early this morning in a letter published on the website of the Cuban Communist Party’s newspaper, Granma, that he will not be accepting another term as President. Castro has been in power for 49 years, though his brother Raul has held the reigns since July 2006, when Castro … Continue reading

Does it even matter that the Bush Administration gets busted in its BS?

Over the past number of years the Bush Administration has been slapped silly by people who have caught them in their lies (e.g., weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nuclear development for war in Iran, torture), fear mongering, violations of the Establishment Clause (e.g., millions in faith-based initiatives), breaking international covenants (e.g., regarding torture), suppression … Continue reading

Dennis Kucinich accuses Bush Administration of lying in order to justify preemptive attack on Iran, just like Iraq

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) released a statement Wednesday in which he accused the Bush Administration of using lies and deception to suggest that Iran is dangerous and preemptive militaristic action is called for. Basically, it’s Iraq all over again. Kucinich’s press conferences comes shortly after numerous news reports stating that the US had fabricated video … Continue reading

The Who’s Who, Hell Edition

Want to find out who’s going to hell? Well you’ll find that out and a whole lot more at the Republican Faith Chat, formerly Baptists for Brownbeck. On this site, you’ll see the world through the eyes of an absolute, no screwing around, going down with the ship fundamentalist. You’ll read scripture, become reacquainted with … Continue reading