My new blog

Greetings all. I have just started a new blog, Death By Trolley. From its About section: Death By Trolley is a soapbox and a centre for discussion on the political economies and ethical issues surrounding health care, the mass media, civil liberties, social issues, and other things that catch the interest or ire of a … Continue reading

Reason/Humanism Collaborative MegaSite

Greetings Advocates of Reason and Humanism, Are you interested in joining an ambitious international community of advocates for reason and humanism who are working to create a major independent media voice? I and a growing group of freethinkers are working to expand our small collaborative website, (name to change), into a broadbased collaborative site. … Continue reading

Why ya going to the airport….Flyyyying somewhere?

“How’d ya guess?” “Well, first I saw your luggage and then when I saw the plane tickets I kind of put two and two together.”

Interested in the Cognitive Science of Meditation, Mindfulness, Intelligence and Cognitive Function?

I recently discovered a great blog on ScienceBlogs entitled Developing Intelligence. Produced by University of Colarado at Boulder Cognitive Neuroscience graduate student, Chris Chatham, Developing Intelligence profiles fascinating current Cognitive Science research on mindfulness meditation and other means of training attention. Specifically, Chatham discusses demonstrated effects of mental training techniques on attention, meta-cognition and executive … Continue reading

Where everybody knows your name…

The hit TV show Cheers may be long gone but its legacy lives on in Korea, where there are at least a handful of Cheers bars. A new chum of mine in Seoul, Nick, who is a talented saxaphonist, had the fun idea of playing the Cheers theme song in front of the Cheers bar … Continue reading

The trip to and first day in Korea

Hey all, I’m now in Seoul. This is a post on my trip to and first day in Korea. It’s been a very interesting day or two. Tuesday (Toronto time): I leave my home, which is located just outside of Toronto, at 840 PM. I hang around Toronto’s Pearson International Airport for a bit before … Continue reading

Off to Korea

Greetings all, I’ll not be posting over the next 2 days or so as I’m about to fly off to Korea for what is expected to be a 1 or 2 year stay. Since I usually post just about everyday, I figured I’d leave a quick note about this absence so people don’t start suspecting … Continue reading

YouTube’s Most Viewed Video EVER: The Evolution of Dance

Over 85.5 million have watched it. 157,000 text comments have been left. It is the Evolution of Dance.  

Death of the Ideal Scientologist, Konrad Aigner

Alongside a well-placed ad from the Cult of Scientology encouraging viewers to “Get the facts” is an article by John Brown entitled The Ideal Scientologist: Konrad Aigner. This must-read story summarizes the life and death in Scientology of Konrad Aigner. Aigner joined the cult in 1976, after leaving his family’s German farm to take up … Continue reading

London Anon Protester Given Court Summons For Sign Declaring Scientology a Cult

A London protester who goes by the pseudonym “Epic Nose Guy” was handed a Court Summons yesterday at Operation: FairGameStop in London for not giving up his right to accurately refer to the Cult of Scientology as a cult. ENG was told by an officer to discontinue displaying his sign and was given 30 minutes … Continue reading