Toronto area Church declares “Lying in bed shouting Oh God doesn’t constitute going to church”

No arguments here.


 Local resident Nicole Cedrone made it known that she found it offensive. It’s unfortunate for her that by voicing her opinion on the matter, she has played an integral role in having this communication be viewed by millions. In addition to being propagated on the Internet, it was also featured prominently in today’s Toronto Star newspaper.

(Hat Tip: Sandwalk)

24 Responses to “Toronto area Church declares “Lying in bed shouting Oh God doesn’t constitute going to church””
  1. jonolan says:

    Except perhaps if Mrs. Cedrone was exclaiming “Oh God” while partaking in such carnal bliss as is permitted and prescribe for married couples…

  2. Dr. Jim says:

    But then, what gets “united”?
    I guess these folks don’t really “know” God (in the biblical sense).

  3. I-know-her says:

    I’ve known Nikki Cedrone for over 20 years. She just pulled her Facebook page off line, probably because all of the drunk party photos showing her “flashing”, lying on the ground with male friends kneeling over her in suggestive poses, and saucy/suggestive banter with her friends just didn’t mesh with her new-found morality. When I first saw her site, I thought: “What would she say to her kids?” What a hypocrite.

  4. Gillian says:

    I feel that I need to address the poster who calls Ms Cedrone a hypocrite. First of all, name calling is really easy when you post anonymously. Second of all, what does Ms. Cedrone’s Facebook page have to do with her feelings about a public sign posted by a church? I know Ms. Cedrone personally, and I know that she is a phenomenal mother, a caring and supportive friend, and a pillar of the community (not to mention, a regular church-goer). All she is trying to do is shield all of our children from what would be understood by almost anyone as an innapropriate public comment, especially coming from a Church. My son was 5 when he learned to read. I am grateful to Ms. Cedrone for being instrumental in its removal, so that I don’t have to explain to my now-7-year-old what that sign means. What Ms. Cedrone does in private, when her children are not present, is adult business. There is a reason why one has the option to share Facebook profiles with friends only, as she has, and it’s so that whatever is posted on there is seen by APPROPRIATE EYES ONLY. Her profile is still there, and still able to be seen by friends, of which you clearly are not one. Get a life – and if you’re going to bash someone, have the courage to use your name and stand behind what you say.

  5. I-know-her says:

    Gillian … that “adult business” was at some point open and shared with the world. I found it as easily as any 11 year old with a computer could find it, hence the “new-found morality”. Perhaps Gillian you must take issue with the editors of the Toronto Star for publishing the details, as the highest circulation in Canada ensures that many genius kids have had the opportunity to read these “inappropriate public comments”.

    Interesting logic: does being a regular church-goer demonstrate that one is holier than others? I thought that Jesus was teaching tolerance. John.

  6. alana says:

    I think “I know her” you are missing Gillian’s point. Ms. Cedrone only stated her opinion she didn’t attack anyone as a person. As you have done to her. If you did “know” her as you claim to. You would also know that she is in no way inappropriate in her choices she makes with her kids as you are suggesting. She is not and has never claimed to be perfect but does have strong values. If you knew her as you have claimed, you would know this fact.

    The fact that you were “creeping” on her facebook page does not define you as knowing her. You may know of her but lets face it. If you were a friend you would have been able to find her on facebook.

    Just to clarify she actually contacted the Brampton Guardian in regards to this matter after contacting the church who did not seem to care about her opinion. She didn’t contact Larry King. You should actually have your facts straight before pointing fingers and attacking some ones character.

    She also didn’t realize that this opinion of hers would have cause such a huge response she was only trying to improve things, unlike yourself who’s goal it seems is to attack a person rather than give forth anything intelligent.

  7. Del says:

    Jesus taught “tolerance”? I don’t think so… Tolerance is a flaccid new virtue, invented by the politically correct. Tolerance is something wimpier than Justice, and it falls well short of Love.

    Jesus turned over tables, slapped down Pharisees (“you brood of vipers!”), and parabolically condemned half the population to Hell for failing to be charitable.

    What Jesus REALLY taught was that we should HATE the sin, but LOVE the sinner. If Ms. Cedrone was scandalized by the racy church sign in spite of her alleged racy past… then let us commend her developing conscience, and her courage for speaking up! (Unlike us chickens, hiding behind our pseudonyms on the Internet.)

    And if Ms. Cedrone really did feel some shame for her past indiscretions… then I’m doubly proud of her! I’m ashamed of my sins too, so I won’t cast any stones!

  8. Gillian says:

    Del, your above post ROCKS! You are totally right!

    As for you John, oh yes, you are right…I’m positive that it’s much more likely that just hundreds upon hundreds of 11 year olds are out there searching for an obscure Facebook page that isn’t open to anyone but friends rather than looking up at a lighted sign on a church located on a busy street. What was I thinking?? And you know there are just THOUSANDS of pre-teens scouring the many many pages of the Toronto Star. I hear that the Toronto Star and the Harry Potter series are the two most popular reading choices for teens and pre-teens these days! And in case you aren’t getting the sarcasm in my reply, I assure you, it’s dripping with it.

    Get your head out of your butt, “John”.

  9. I-know-her says:

    Gillian do you take your genius 7-year-old son shopping? I guess you cover his eyes in the checkout so he can’t read the headlines on the magazines all lined up there at his eye level, they make the church billboard sound pretty tame. And you missed my points, the facebook page was open for the world to see, that’s how I saw it. It’s not about strangers, it’s about her kid or cousins or whatever who WOULD look up her name.

    alana you contradict yourself. If she only wanted to state her opinion, then why contact a newspaper? YOU state that when she didn’t get the response she wanted, she contacted the Guardian, so YOU are claiming that she took steps to make this a wider and more public issue. Sounds like she wanted more people to know her opinion, so now perhaps some of them are exercising that same right.

  10. Gillian says:

    “John”, I take my 7 year old shopping all the time. And if you were 7 and you had your choice of rows and rows of chocolate bars, candy and gum to look at, also at your eye level, I’m betting that you wouldn’t be reading the latest on what a train wreck Brittney is. What is being taken exception to here is the CHURCH having what amounts to an almost pornographic statement right out there for all and sundry to read. A CHURCH. Not a tabloid. A CHURCH…you know, where they are supposedly handing out salvation and all that junk. Don’t get me wrong…I’m not a Christian. I’m just saying, if I’m going to read something like that, or have to explain it to my little genius, I’d just rather do it when it’s NOT put up by a church.

    A little PS to this note: I read a response to all this from what I am assuming is an older person in the Guardian yesterday. She missed the point of the sign hilariously and completely, so I guess it’s not totally ridiculous that others might too. Hope so!

  11. jonolan says:

    Ok, before this my only comment was one of pure humor and sarcasm – one that I had know idea might have any bearing at all on the people involved.

    So…Is there any chance that the church’s sign was a pointed comment aimed at Mrs. Cedrone? I ask because that would change the tenor of both the sign and her response to it.

  12. Dee says:


    Where does it say in the Bible to “hate the sin but love the sinner”? I haven’t found it in the sayings of Jesus that I’ve read in the New Testament.

    Thanks in advance

  13. kare says:

    I do know Ms. Cedrone, I know that she is a person of Character, she has the courage of her Convictions, I too called the Church and complained, but they did not have the respect to respond to me, Trashing another human being is not COOL “John” if that indeed is your name” . If more people stood up for what they believed in, perhaps chuckleheads like you “John”(if that is your REAL name) would not have a platform in which you spew your garbage,
    Slander and defamation of character is ILLEGAL , Perhaps “john” should consider this a wake-up call. Decent people will not tolerate having someone they KNOW and care about trashed for standing up for what they believe in.


  14. jonolan says:


    The Bible doesn’t have that phrase in it; that’s a phrase created by the evangelical community. However, the Bible does have the following quotations with a similar tenor:

    Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners—of whom I am the worst. But for that very reason I was shown mercy so that in me, the worst of sinners, Christ Jesus might display his unlimited patience as an example for those who would believe on him and receive eternal life.
    —1 Timothy 1:15-16, NIV (Paul speaking)

    For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.
    —Luke 19:10, NIV (Jesus speaking)

    But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.
    —Romans 5:8, NIV

  15. Martha says:

    This is unreal how personal this has been made towards Nicole. I am a member of this church and want to try to set the record straight. First of all the message on the sign was never meant in any sexual context but more to the fact that so many people wake up on a Sunday morning and say “oh God” I don’t want to get up to go to church. Also the only complaint to the church prior to the publication in the paper was from Nicole at which time the message was immediately changed. I have been told that the information was given to the Guardian prior to contacting the church. And if in fact the church had ignored her complaint, and her being “a church goer” she should have and would have known to take it to the wider United Church/Presbytery to file a formal complaint. As it stands this publication has been picked up world wide! giving the church a whole lot of attention as well as to Nicole herself – what was her real intention in contacting the newspaper? Come on people – get your minds out of the gutter! This church is an amazing place to worship God and really feel like you belong no matter who you are!

  16. I-know-her says:

    kare thanks for joining in the spirited albeit less-than-reasoned defence. It’s really simple: she brought this into the public sphere by making her opinion known to a NEWSPAPER.

    I think that the responses in blogs worldwide were a wake-up call for those who feel that when someone doesn’t agree with their opinion, they must force that opinion on them by other means, like going to the press. As you and she stand by your opinions, understand that others (like the church in question and even like me) also have that right.

  17. kare says:

    HEY, “I KNOW HER” You don’t know squat, if you did know Ms cedrone, then you would know that she would defend your rights all the way to the Supreme Court of Canada, but you “I KNOW HER” claim that you have rights, do your rights include character asssinations? because that is what you have attempted(POORLY) with Ms Cedrone, Ms Cedrone like many other people, practise her right of freedom of Expression, Guaranteed by the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, She expressed her distaste at a sign, in public, which she and others including myself felt it was offensive! She did so with the grace and dignity of a person of character, yes she did use her name, because she felt she was doing nothing to hide her true self, not hiding behind some “I Knew her 20 years ago, I have one thing to say to you, you are full of SH#T!!!!!!

  18. I-know-her says:

    Oh kare, kare, kare, we could go on like this forever. Never once in your defence, nor that of Gillian’s, do you refute my original allegations (read your responses slowly). You take exception to me calling her a name, and doing so under a pseudonym. So be it, I have my reasons for remaining “John”, and will stop now so that you have the pleasure of having the last word.

  19. janet says:

    wow people this is getting ridiculous. Although i don’t know every aspect of Nicole’s life i do know enough to say that she is a decent caring person, a loving mother a devout christian and parent volunteer at school. Yes she likes to have fun and that’s what most of us like about her. She is a great person. Her facebook page should NEVER be brought into this, that’s her business and like mentioned before who would go and search her name? That’s just stupid. AS for the church sign it’s hard to believe that it was not intended to be sexual, it certainly appears to be. I took it to mean that. I saw it too and was disgusted at such a sign being posted at church i don’t believe the churches claim that it meant lying in bed not wanting to get up. C’mon get real who really does that? It makes more sense that it was sexual in nature. If i had given it more thought i too would have contacted the church about it and the paper but i didn’t. Knowing what i know about Nicole i highly doubt that she did this to get recognition. That just isn’t her style. if i had contacted the paper it would be for the same reason as nicole did to get results. If you really knew Nicole you would know that she is a result driven person. So stop with the slander and leave her alone. My God you’d think she’s committed a sin by asking the church to remove an offensive sign. Let’s remember WHO initiated all this, it was THE CHURCH. For the record i am a christian myself, no i don’t go to church weekly like Nicole does but i do have alot of faith and like Nicole said the sign was funny but inappropriate. I am willing to bet that had the sign been up on some billboard somewhere else Nicole would have laughed it off, she isn’t a prude but she certainly isn’t a skank either as I-know-her has implied. Let’s be fair, what nicole does in the company of adults is her business as least she has the decency to shelter her children from inapproriate things which is better than most, now back off

  20. Elizabeth says:

    Call me naive, when I first heard the quote I thought it had to do with existential angst. Lying in bed, feeling frustrated with the pain and suffering in the world, being mad at God. Haven’t we all done that. Well I have, so I thought….how true, you can be mad at God or join some sort of spiritual organization and go make a difference in the world. Maybe it is what you read into it, maybe the people who put it up meant that? And….call me naive….

  21. Stoobs says:

    Elizabeth, you’re naive!

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