Westboro Baptist Church lunatics Rick Roll’d!

A group of Westboro Baptist Church lunatics in Orlanda were Rick Roll’d! For anyone who hasn’t heard of this ridiculous group, they are a small band of Kansas-based Christian fundamentalists who promote the absurd notion that every bad thing that happens to Americans and America is due to American secularism and liberalism. Moreover, they celebrate … Continue reading

Ben Stein is Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Expelled parody)

The Scienazis are at it again. It wasn’t enough for them to suppress the highly tenable and definitely scientific approach that is Intelligent Design (and certainly not Creationism). Now they’re suppressing the equally meritorious stork theory of reproduction. Stork theory, a totally viable alternative to the sex theory (which is just a theory) of reproduction, … Continue reading

Megachurch Millionaires. What happened to caring for the poor and unfortunate?

PZ Myers posts on Senator Charles Grassley’s investigation into megachurches. One profiled Bishop, Eddie Long who pastors a megachurch in Lithonia, Georgia, has an annual salary nearing $1,000,000, owns a lavish mansion, and drives a $350,000 Bentley. Long defends his luxurious lifestyle by insisting “I pastor a multimillion dollar congregation. You’ve got to put me … Continue reading

Finding meaning in wonder and well-being: An ex-fundamentalist’s tale

In what is one of the top WordPress stories today, Karen at de-Conversion presents the story of an ex-Christian fundamentalist (Southern Baptist), Bryan,¬†who after leaving his faith eventually finds meaning in wonder and promoting well-being in self and others. This is a beautiful story that speaks to the indescribable value of a number of easily … Continue reading

12 Florida county school boards pass anti-evolution resolutions

The tally of Florida county school boards officially passing resolutions to not teach evolution as fact is now at 12! The panels of twelve Floridian school boards have just shown themselves to be made up primarily of ignorant deluded religious dogmatists who belong in the seats of a Biology class, not on a panel determining … Continue reading

The Who’s Who, Hell Edition

Want to find out who’s going to hell? Well you’ll find that out and a whole lot more at the Republican Faith Chat, formerly Baptists for Brownbeck. On this site, you’ll see the world through the eyes of an absolute, no screwing around, going down with the ship fundamentalist. You’ll read scripture, become reacquainted with … Continue reading