www.ExpelledExposed.com: The National Center for Science Education’s official response to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The US-based National Center for Science Education has opened up a website for its response to the upcoming Ben Stein crocumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, in which he and fellow Intelligent Design and traditional Creationists spread their delusional thinking about how science and secular governments are out to get them, science is dogmatically enamored with “Darwinism” (the pejorative term that IDists use to slander evolution and the name that they give the sum total of their misrepresentation of evolution), belief in evolution leads to totalitarian fascism and ethnic cleansing, the ID movement is about academic freedom (rather than the reality, which is inject Christianity into publicly secular America), that there is even a shread of evidence for intelligent design, and that ID is somehow scientific.

As the crocumentary has not yet been released to the general public – though it has been screened to a number of friendly audiences (e.g., southern conservative Christian church groups), with attempts to contractually binde media representatives to watch but not write or talk about the documentary (???) – the NCSE has not yet released its response on the website. At present, one can find reviews of the movie by those rascally members of the liberal media who avoided signing the hush contract and spoke out against the misinformational film.

6 Responses to “www.ExpelledExposed.com: The National Center for Science Education’s official response to Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed”
  1. Joseph Cain says:

    Is not all the fuss only giving more publicity to this atrocity? Maybe the best course is to ignore it unless required?

    • lary9 says:

      Ignore it and the level of public education on this theme remains woefully absent. Respond to expose the fallacy and some will learn…others will persist in error and get their religious fairytales with ulcers.

  2. Nick Kelsier says:

    The problem is if you ignore it, Mr. Cain, then it surrenders the argument to people like Ben Stein. If as the adage goes the only thing that evil needs to succeed is for good people to do nothing then it also stands to reason that the only thing ignorance needs to spread is for those who know better to stand silent.

  3. Carolyn Holland says:

    If their past behavior is any indication, the buy-bull thumper community will probably use this atrocity for decades to come. This kind of stuff fills collection plates with piles of money and assures votes to the politicians who pander to religion.

    What we need to do about atrocities like “expelled” is to learn so thoroughly the Darwinian concept of natural selection so that we can explain it to a child or an uneducated adult.

  4. LE Alba says:

    Well said, Carolyn. This is why I’ve been cramming like it was mid-terms with every bit of Darwiniana I can find. I’m preparing myself to ‘soldier on’ carrying the double helix of evolutionary biology onward! Onward! Darwin’s Soldiers!

  5. Lary9 says:

    Quite right, Mr. Kelsier and Ms. Holland. As a member of the NCSE and a friend and admirer of Prof. Eugenie Scott, I can assure you that if the current state of science education was not so dismal in certain areas of our country, these psuedo-science dissenters would already be in the sci-ed trash bin with the ‘flat-earthers’, alchemists and astrologers.
    The Scopes Trial, sadly, is never over as long as we allow the hydra-headed monster of medieval religious superstition to rear its ugly, fearful visage in the land.

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