There Will Be War.

“I believe in world peace. I believe it is possible.” – Every politician or beauty pageant contestant ever. Highly unlikely. That’s not to say that it wouldn’t be desirable. It’s just not going to happen. Even in an idealistic world where everyone had enough food, followed the Golden Rule, did not covet status, wealth or … Continue reading

Dear Scientology Child

Did Canadian President of Scientology Implicitly Threaten Protester?!

Here is a video of “Reverend” Yvette Shank, President of the “Church” of Scientology Canada, speaking to a protester on an April 20 mini-raid protest in Toronto. Shank asks the protester why she is not wearing a mask. The protester says she is not wearing a mask on account of the warm weather and because she … Continue reading

On personal spiritualism and liberal religiosity

A little while back a friend asked me if I thought that recent violent acts by religious fundamentalists have stained the benefits of interiorized spirituality. Since this is a good question and one at the heart of much of my thinking on religion and “spirituality” (I’ll explain the shutter quotes later), I figured I’d make … Continue reading

TFP Readables

Here are a few readables from around the blogosphere: Today, I stumbled across a fairly indepth review of the Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed Leaders Guide – a guide for those who want to take the propaganda out of the theatre and into the community. Thus far, I’ve only read about 60% of it, but what … Continue reading

The Secular Conscience | Dr. Austin Dacey speaks in Toronto this Friday

THE SECULAR CONSCIENCE:  WHY BELIEF BELONGS IN PUBLIC LIFE,  with Dr. Austin Dacey.  The first Canadian book tour stop!  Do ethics presuppose religion? Are objective morals incompatible with  secular liberalism? Do questions of religion & values belong in public  life?

Robert Latimer paroled

The Globe and Mail reports that after serving seven years in prison for the mercy killing of his severely disabled daughter, Robert Latimer will be freed on day parole this week. The appeal division of the National Parole Board has overturned a parole board decision last December that rejected Latimer’s parole application. Parole has been … Continue reading

Defending the legality of abortion

In this post I will argue on behalf of the legality of abortion. I will consider the issues from the stance of the unborn fetus, the parents, and society. I will also briefly consider the issue of abortion in the case of rape. I will not, however, consider abortion from the perspective of religion. While … Continue reading

Western society is in no position to ban the raping of animals. There. I said it.

Now hear me out on this before allowing any pre-conceived judgments to crystallize on this assertion. Before I get into my argument, I will say that I personally have no interest in having sex with or forcing myself sexually upon an animal. Nor am I saying that people should do this, or that it is a … Continue reading

Renowned scientist Stuart Kauffman in Toronto TONIGHT (CFI Ontario)

For more information on tonight’s event, see: This should be very interesting.