Illinois Democrat and State Representative: Atheism is extremely dangerous, contrary to America, and atheists have no place in politics

Illinois Democrat and State Representative Monique Davis recently aggressively maligned atheist activist Rob Sherman and all atheists with the following statement during a hearing over a $1 million state grant to preserve a historic Baptist church: “I don’t know what you have against God, but some of us don’t have much against him. We look … Continue reading

Does it even matter that the Bush Administration gets busted in its BS?

Over the past number of years the Bush Administration has been slapped silly by people who have caught them in their lies (e.g., weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, nuclear development for war in Iran, torture), fear mongering, violations of the Establishment Clause (e.g., millions in faith-based initiatives), breaking international covenants (e.g., regarding torture), suppression … Continue reading

How to be a professional political journalist according to Romney press guy: Don’t challenge the statements of Politicians

Unorthodox Atheism has put up footage of Keith Olbermann reporting on Mitt Romney being called out on a lie at an appearance at a Staples store. Romney claimed to not have lobbyists on his campaign committee. Having none of this, Associate Press reporter Glen Johnson cut him off immediately, interjecting “That’s not true, Governor, that … Continue reading