The fundamentalist’s implicit acknowledgement of his own ridiculousness

Dave Scot at Uncommon Descent [i.e., a ridiculous blog by and for Christian fundamentalists who like to delude themselves and each other into thinking that 1) Intelligent Design is a science rather than one big faith-based argument from ignorance; 2) that there is some grand dogmatic “Darwinist” conspiracy in the scientific community which is dedicated to … Continue reading

Florida State Senate Bill 2692: The We Have *NO* Scientific Standards Act

Florida Republican Ronda Storms has introduced the positively named Academic Freedom Act in the Florida State Senate. The bill concerns the rights of teachers and students with regard to education on, you guessed it, evolution. The bill proposes that teachers be able to “objectively present scientific information relevant to the full range of scientific views … Continue reading

Review of Atheism – Christianity debate between Christopher DiCarlo and Dave Hunt at the “Decide for Yourself” religion debates in Whitby, ON

For general overviews of the event, go here, here and here. These reviews are all written by humanists who were strongly disappointed by the slanted nature of the event. Put briefly, the event was run by Christian literalists, at a Christian school, with Christian moderators, with questions to the speakers having to be written down … Continue reading

Islam, Atheism, Hinduism and Christianity: A weekend of religious debate in Whitby, Ontario

If you’re in or around the city of Whitby this Friday and/or Saturday, a big set of debates is being held. The two day event is titled the 2008 Decide for Yourself Debates. The intellectual War of the Worldviews will be waged by debators Christopher DiCarlo (atheism), Dave Hunt (Christianity), Budhendranauth Doobay (Hinduism), and Shabir Ally (Islam). Frank … Continue reading

A full-blown Rapture-anticipating anti-evolution Christian fundamentalist speaks

A reader is currently claiming that evolution is completely without evidence, that only scientists who are atheistic subscribe to evolution, and that the reason that atheistic scientists “cling” to evolution is that the alternative is to believe in an outside Creator, something that they just couldn’t bare. To give you a preview of this commentor’s … Continue reading

I just received a poem from Rapture Alert about Darwin’s alleged recantation of evolution and conversion to Christianity…

For those of you who haven’t heard of Rapture Alert, it’s a website dedicated to the anticipation of the rapture. One of the website’s fans or administrators just sent in a poem in response an earlier post on a Florida school board which had voted to oppose the teaching of evolution as fact. Take a … Continue reading

The Florida Creationist campaign for ignorance enters the home stretch: One more week to publicly misunderstand evolution.

The National Center for Science Education (NCSE) reports (emphasis mine): As the Florida state board of education prepared to consider a final draft of a new set of state science standards, Floridians offered their opinions at a last-minute meeting held in Orlando on February 11, 2008. Over eighty speakers addressed the state commissioner of education, … Continue reading

Renowned scientist Stuart Kauffman in Toronto TONIGHT (CFI Ontario)

For more information on tonight’s event, see: This should be very interesting.

Renowned scientist Stuart Kauffman at McMaster University tonight, York University and CFI Ontario tomorrow

REINVENTING THE SACRED: How the Paradigm of Emergence Offers New Scientific Views on the Origin of Life and Biodiversity, Economics, Ethics, and Spirituality Stuart Kauffman, Institute for Biochemplexity and Informatics, University of Calgary Thursday, Feb 7, 7:30-930pm, Michael G. Degroote Centre for Learning & Discovery and Atrium (MDCL), Rm. 3022, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W, … Continue reading

Florida legislators pushing for evolution to be taught as “just a theory”

Remember what I said about having to be a right-wing Christian nutter in order to be a public school administrator or council member in Florida? Well apparently it also applies to legislators in the state. Marc Caputo of the Miami Herald writes: Top state legislators say they’re ready to join the fight over putting the word … Continue reading