A full-blown Rapture-anticipating anti-evolution Christian fundamentalist speaks

A reader is currently claiming that evolution is completely without evidence, that only scientists who are atheistic subscribe to evolution, and that the reason that atheistic scientists “cling” to evolution is that the alternative is to believe in an outside Creator, something that they just couldn’t bare. To give you a preview of this commentor’s … Continue reading

Renowned scientist Stuart Kauffman at McMaster University tonight, York University and CFI Ontario tomorrow

REINVENTING THE SACRED: How the Paradigm of Emergence Offers New Scientific Views on the Origin of Life and Biodiversity, Economics, Ethics, and Spirituality Stuart Kauffman, Institute for Biochemplexity and Informatics, University of Calgary Thursday, Feb 7, 7:30-930pm, Michael G. Degroote Centre for Learning & Discovery and Atrium (MDCL), Rm. 3022, McMaster University, 1280 Main St. W, … Continue reading

United Church of Christ strongly supports evolution

The National Center for Science Education reports that the United Church of Christ has released a new statement on faith, science and technology that describes evolution as a matter of fact. The statement also espouses the misguided faith-based assertion that evolution is the means by which God creates, and claims erroneously that science and religion … Continue reading

Tearing down a Christian’s “good” argument for theism line by line

In the comment section of Doubt in and faking of faith, and the need for secular alternatives to religious communities a reader named Colin has accused me of having strawmaned Christianity and of neglecting arguments against my position. I maintain that I have done no such thing. But to leave no doubts in his mind, … Continue reading

Over 11,000 American Clergy oppose Intelligent Design

Ken at Open Parachute reports on the Clergy Letter Project, an effort to collect signatures from American Clergy who oppose the teaching of Intelligent Design Creationism and schools and who ascent to evolutionary biology. Begun in Fall2004, as of the time of this writing the Clergy Letter Project has collected 11,147 signatures. Compare this to … Continue reading