Next world protest of Scientology: May 10. GAME OVER?

The latest on the next worldwide Scientology protest: Date, Focus, Name Anonymous protesters are currently discussing the next international day of protest against the Cult of Scientology at Enturbulation.Org. Thus far, two thing appear to have been settled unequivocally. Firstly, the date is Saturday May 10, the anniversary of the publication of L. Ron Hubbard’s Dianetics: The … Continue reading

Operation ReConnect: San Diego Anons and Wise Beard Man Rock It!

Outstanding video of San Diego Anons and Mark “Wise Beard Man” Bunker at Operation ReConnect! For more on Scientology, click here.

Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology Gone?

A rumour has begun on the Enturbulation forum (i.e., the main international forum where protests against the Cult of Scientology are planned and promoted) that the Duesseldorf, Germany Cult of Scientology base has been abandoned. I have no idea regarding the truth of the claim, but here it is: “As for the raid, it was definitly more … Continue reading

Operation ReConnect: Globe & Mail and Boston Herald articles

Canada’s The Globe & Mail has released a short article on April 12’s Operation ReConnect Canadian protests against the Cult of Scientology. The Boston Herald also wrote a piece that was generally decent except for the lies it included from representatives of the Cult. This post is a part of a series of posts dedicated … Continue reading

Reminder: Operation ReConnect TOMORROW (April 12, 2008)

From ReConnect.Org: “In our continuing efforts against the Church of Scientology, Anonymous is launching Operation Reconnect. Projected to take place in the month of April, this operation will shine a spotlight on families torn apart by the Church of Scientology. “The aim is to bring these families together,” commented an organizer who identified himself as … Continue reading

Sydney woman deprived of psychiatric meds by Scientologist parents kills father and sister

ABC News reports that this past July, a 26-year-old Sydney woman suffering from psychiatric illness attacked her mother, father and sister with a knife, killing the latter two while doing “grievous bodily harm with intent to murder” the former. “The Supreme Court was told mental health will be an issue at the trial, which will start … Continue reading

Rally on Ottawa’s Parliament Hill for Brenda Martin, March 29, 2008, 2 PM

From SaveBrendaFund:    Rally On Parliament: Save Brenda Martin When: Saturday, March 29th 2008 at 2:00pm Where: Parliament Hill, Ottawa On Facebook: Click Here! Contact: Peter Cleary at Brenda Martin is a Canadian woman who has been imprisoned in a Mexican jail since February 2006. Brenda’s family have been desperately attempting to raise awareness … Continue reading

Philadelphia Anonymous: The most electrifying Anons I’ve seen yet

Click here to see perhaps the most electrifying Anon protest performance yet. Philadelphia Anons put on a show. For more posts on Scientology, click here.

Sydney Anonymous protestors rock the “Church” of Scientology

I have just stumbled upon a collection of pictures from the Sydney, Australia Anonymous protest against the Church of Scientology, where attendance has been estimated at 300. More pictures below.

EPIC WIN: Hundreds of Toronto Anonymous PARTY HARD at March 15 Scientology Protest

Hundreds of Anonymous filled the sidewalk opposite the Toronto “Church” of Scientology on Saturday March 15 in the most recent major day of protest against the human rights abusing practices of the Cult of Scientology. Most attendance estimates seem to be in the 200-300 range. Police were very friendly and supportive. Protestors were enthusiastic, friendly … Continue reading