Ellen Johnson: Not a Great Atheist Representative, IMO

As some readers may already know, American Atheists has dismissed Ellen Johnson as its President. In hearing about this, I decided to check out a few Johnson YouTube videos, as I hadn’t done so in quite some time. Upon watching two videos, I remembered why I never made it a point to keep an eye … Continue reading

Paul Kurtz, Center For Inquiry: Expelled is anti-science propaganda and anti-intellectualism at its worst

As a member of the Center For Inquiry, the world’s leading secular and rationalist¬†advocacy organization, I received the following message in an email from CFI today: CFI’s Paul Kurtz Joins the Chorus of Critics Dismissing Ben Stein’s “Expelled” as Anti-Science Propaganda Paul Kurtz, founder and chairman of the Center for Inquiry, has called the new … Continue reading

Renowned scientist Stuart Kauffman in Toronto TONIGHT (CFI Ontario)

For more information on tonight’s event, see: https://theframeproblem.wordpress.com/2008/02/07/renowned-scientist-stuart-kauffman-at-mcmaster-university-tonight-york-university-and-cfi-ontario-tomorrow/ This should be very interesting.

Is one arrogant if they point out the irrationality in believing in leprechauns? What about God?

A query to the rationalist community: Don’t you just love it how religious people believe that their beliefs are somehow special? And that to point out the irrationality in believing them and to refer to the beliefs as having all the tell-tale signs of a fairy tale until proven otherwise is arrogant?

Bill Dembski on who most needs to see the upcoming ID crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

In yet another of his inane ramblings, Bill Dembski lies for Jesus once again. In an interview with the Southern Baptist TEXAN (so you know the reporter is gonna be asking the hard questions, right…) regarding the upcoming Intelligent Design-advocating Christian Right crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Dembski asserts that “those who most need to … Continue reading

United Church of Christ strongly supports evolution

The National Center for Science Education reports that the United Church of Christ has released a new statement on faith, science and technology that describes evolution as a matter of fact. The statement also espouses the misguided faith-based assertion that evolution is the means by which God creates, and claims erroneously that science and religion … Continue reading

Richard Dawkins at TED 2002: Laying the ground work for the atheist/rationalist movement

A reader, Stuart, recommended that I post the video of Richard Dawkins at TED 2002. While many readers will have already seen this footage, it is highly recommended for those that have not (particularly for those not particularly up-to-date on the issues behind the push for secularism and reason in all corners of human contemplation). … Continue reading

The next big CFI Ontario event: Professor Stuart Kauffman proposes a new scientific worldview for understanding the origin of life and biodiversity, economics, ethics and spirituality

REINVENTING THE SACRED: How the Paradigm of Emergence Offers New Scientific Views on the Origin of Life and Biodiversity, Economics, Ethics, and Spirituality Stuart Kauffman, Institute for Biochemplexity and Informatics, University of Calgary Thurs, Feb 8, 7:30pm, Centre for Inquiry Ontario, 216 Beverley St, downtown Toronto.