Battle Creek, Michigan Scientology Protesters: Where Were You?

This message is to Scientology dissidents of Battle Creek, Michigan. Where were you yesterday!? I just checked out Ed Brayton’s popular ScienceBlogs blog Dispatches from the Culture Wars, where I read that the Battle Creek protest was effectively a no-show. Aside from Ed, there was one other person there – who may well have been there in … Continue reading

Plagiarizing an anti-plagiarism honour code. IIIIronyyyy!

Ed Brayton just gave me a nice Sunday afternoon chuckle: “The University of Texas, San Antonio appointed a student committee to write an honor code prohibiting plagiarism at the university. The committee decides instead to just copy the honor code from BYU. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?”

Recantations from three former religious right leaders

Ed Brayton (Dispatches from the Culture Wars) reviews the powerfully-worded recantations of three very prominent pioneers of the American Christian Right: Frankie Schaeffer, John Whitehead and Cal Thomas. I present Brayton’s full post below. It’s a good read.

American readers: Defend your privacy NOW

Two weeks ago I wrote about how Vice President Dick Cheney is pushing for the expansion and permanence of the expiring surveillance law (i.e., that which allows warrantless wiretapping). Congress is now on the brink of a vote on the euphemistically named Protect America Act. Ed Brayton of Dispatches from the Culture Wars reports that … Continue reading

Ed Brayton rips Ray Comfort a new one. Yes Ray, you are an idiot.

A few weeks ago I posted an article entitled Ed Brayton rips Joe Farah a new one. Yes Joe, waterboarding is torture. Well this time he has done it to Ray “the banana is the atheist’s worst nightmare” Comfort. Brayton’s full post is presented below.

Former Head of Department of Homeland Security: Waterboarding is torture

In an interview with the Associate Press, Tom Ridge, the first Secretary of the US Department of Homeland Security, asserts that waterboarding is indeed torture: