Evolved Rationalist reviews Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

The Evolved Rationalist, in an act of self-sacrifice, has subjected herself and her brain cells (a few thousand of which are probably dead now) to watching Ben Stein et al.’s crocumentary Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. She reviews the intellectual and moral travesty here. PS: ER has the best blog tagline I’ve ever seen: We have … Continue reading

Ben Stein is Sexpelled: No Intercourse Allowed (Expelled parody)

The Scienazis are at it again. It wasn’t enough for them to suppress the highly tenable and definitely scientific approach that is Intelligent Design (and certainly not Creationism). Now they’re suppressing the equally meritorious stork theory of reproduction. Stork theory, a totally viable alternative to the sex theory (which is just a theory) of reproduction, … Continue reading

Expelled Exposed: Tomorrow, the NCSE will be posting its review of Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Tomorrow, April 15, The National Center for Science Education will be posting its review of Ben Stein’s crocumentary, Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed. The NCSE’s ExpelledExposed website currently contains a collection articles critical of the shock-croc.  

Beware of Dogma: Bob Jones University’s Biology for Christian Schools

Page ONE of Ultra-Christian Bob Jones University’s Biology for Christian Schools reads: (1) “‘Whatever the Bible says is so; whatever man says may or may not be so,’ is the only [position] a Christian can take . . . .” (2) “If [scientific] conclusions contradict the Word of God, the conclusions are wrong, no matter … Continue reading

Expelled: No Intelligent Flying Spaghetti Monsters Allowed

I’m mad. Flaming mad! I thought the scientific community was about academic freedom, following the evidence wherever it leads, and expelling dogmatism. That was until I saw this documentary preview. I was wrong. The scientific community that I had long trusted and respected has been usurped by Darwinist dogmatists. Richard Dawkins may be Darwin’s Rottweiler, … Continue reading

The short-comings of every theist argument that I have ever heard, and the one type of case that gives me some pause

 I am an agnostic atheist. An agnostic atheist is one who does not make the assertive statement “There is no God”, but simply lacks a belief in any God. I do not know for certain that there is no God, so I won’t claim such knowledge. In my experience, though, I have had no experiences … Continue reading

Florida State Senate Bill 2692: The We Have *NO* Scientific Standards Act

Florida Republican Ronda Storms has introduced the positively named Academic Freedom Act in the Florida State Senate. The bill concerns the rights of teachers and students with regard to education on, you guessed it, evolution. The bill proposes that teachers be able to “objectively present scientific information relevant to the full range of scientific views … Continue reading

Responding to Intelligent Design/Creationism: The Law of Biogenesis

This is the first entry of an ongoing program on this blog dedicated to responding to Intelligent Design/Creationist claims. Leading Intelligent Design/Creationism advocates accuse mainstream scientists of being dogmatically attached to naturalistic evolution, they describe evolution as being a faith rather than a scientific enterprise, they refer to those who accept evolution as “Darwinists”, so … Continue reading

Review of Atheism – Christianity debate between Christopher DiCarlo and Dave Hunt at the “Decide for Yourself” religion debates in Whitby, ON

For general overviews of the event, go here, here and here. These reviews are all written by humanists who were strongly disappointed by the slanted nature of the event. Put briefly, the event was run by Christian literalists, at a Christian school, with Christian moderators, with questions to the speakers having to be written down … Continue reading

Another humanist reviews the Whitby “Decide for Yourself” religion debates

This third review, though less heavy handed, was consistent with the first two reviews collected and presented here and here. To readers who attended the events: If you would like to write a review (good, bad, whatever), email it to me at theframeproblem [at] live [dot] ca. The review is presented next.