The rantings of UnAmericans. Feel free to dissect their nonsense.

Yesterday I received an infuriated comment in response to my post on a Florida school banning gay rights communications.  The ignorance and unAmericanism that filled this comment is astounding but at the same time completely unsurprising. Read on.

 Richard and Heather Mayo write (emphases and comments in [italics and square brackets] mine):

Kids go to school to learn abc’s of functioning in life and to prepare to go to college in order to be able to find a good career [Don’t they also go to learn how to relate with others, including those different from themselves?]. I’m not gay, don’t plan on being gay and have no sympathy for the gay’s or their agenda [Yeah, don’t you hate it when those pesky minorities think they deserve as much respect as you? Fuckin fags…]. If you want to be gay then that’s your business, but I don’t want to be around it nor do I want my children to be around it [If you want to be straight or Christian then that’s your business, but I don’t want to be around it nor do I want my children to be around it—it doesn’t sound as reasonable when it is applied to the majority group, does it? And isn’t America the land of the free? Doesn’t that mean protecting the minority view from the tyranny of members of the majority like you? Isn’t this type of freedom what America was founded on?]. These kids are not doing what they are doing because they have been discriminated against. They are out to get attention, to stir the pot. they don’t have any respect for themselves or any body else [Yeah, same with the founders of America who wanted to escape religious persecution. And same with Blacks. And same with women during the feminist movement. Yeah, none of these groups were discriminated against. They just made it up to get attention. Bunch of insecure whining drama queens… All this talk about not having rights to gay marriage, being called evil debaucherous sinners by close to half of the country, and the like—this is all just a product of disingenuous quote mining to create an illusion of discrimination. Lying fags…. And of course they don’t have any respect for their bodies or themselves. How dare they want to do with themselves and their bodies what they want to do with themselves and their bodies! The only self-respecting thing to do would be to live a self-oppressive lie and pretend to be straight!]. They aren’t proud to be gay , its about shoving their beliefs into other peoples faces. [Yeah, how dare they shove their beliefs that they have just as much right for respect as straight people do! How dare they stand up for who they are! How dare they shove down other people’s throats their belief that the are normal people who just have a different sexual orientation! By the same token, how dare Christians publicly express their Christianity with their Jesus chains and constant declarious of faith. And how dare straight people declare their straightness in public by admitting that they are straight and being seen with their partners in affectionate guestures.] They have a right to be gay if they want , and I have a right not to be gay if I don’t. The ACLU and other agencies have their on agenda to promote and now they use the kids to spread their message. [How dare the ACLU ‘use’ gay children to help these children create a society that treats them with dignity. This is blatant exploitation of children. Just horrible.] Its a crying shame that the parents of these kids either let or push them to conduct themselves in that manner. High school is a place to learn, first off whether you want to be gay or not, that should not even be a topic in school. You should be there to get an education to better yourself in life [Silly me, I thought part of the educational process in school was to teach kids to get along with each other and to gain exposure to different social groups in society. And I thought that part of bettering yourself in life included broadening one’s horizons and learning to understanding different ways of life. I would definitely think that part of what high school in America is about is learning to understand and engage in civil activism—a founding element of America. I guess not. I guess America is just about sitting down, shutting up, and accepting the lot you’ve been given. What was that ‘land of the free’ thing about,then?]. TV shows, ACLU and other organizations, the entertainment industry (Hollywood), and just the general public has let things get out of control. Enough is enough, grow up. School is not the place for crap like this [How dare students of America act American by engaging in civil movements! School is a place where you sit down, shut up, and accept what you’re being told, and be a good White Christian unAmerican pushover]. If parents of the kids who are there to learn an education would pull their kids out of school they could put a stop to nonsense like this [Yeah! When Americans start acting American by engaging in civil demonstration, lets leave! America: love it over leave it, right? If a public institution has become a haven for quiet, dignified solidarity behind the rights of a particular minority, its time we packed up our things and get the hell out. That’s not MY America!]. This stuff isn’t just going on in Ponce de Leon, its happening everywhere, more and more. (TAKE A GOOD LOOK AT WHAT’S HAPPENING IN CALIFORNIA, COMING SOON TO A NEIGHBORHOOD NEAR YOU) You can thank all the parents, teachers, news media and so forth. Everybody who just sits back and lets thing such as this take place can share the blame [Exactly. We need to share the burden of silencing the minorities. If these minorities are not silenced, they’re going to be heard. And that’s just not my America! Now where did my slave go?]. People who are what I call normal just sit back and let the idiots of the world have free reign, They don’t want to be the one that stands out and takes ridicule for their beliefs [Why should they? As you suggested above, it’s not good to “shove your beliefs in people’s faces”. Oh, sorry, I must’ve misunderstood. When you said “your” you really meant “their”, as in people with beliefs different from your own. Yeah, you should feel free to speak up. Your beliefs are the right ones. The other people are just idiots who don’t respect themselves, right?]. The only ones that stand up for their beliefs are the sicko’s, idiots, and people that just don’t know what they stand for [How empowering it must feel to view oneself as the arbiter of what is objectively sick. And how empowering it must be to be able to state who is an idiot with giving reason for the statement. It’s like “what I say goes”. You must just feel great all the time!]. Everybody stand up and pat themselves on the back, you are just as responsible for this kind of crap as the ones wanting gay rights at school [Yeah, gay rights are for fags. They don’t deserve rights. Why? They just don’t! Because its gross and icky…a-and the Bible doesn’t speak highly of it….a-and I just don’t like it, and this is MY America and it’s gonna be the way I want it to be. Screw the minorities!]. You just sit back and let it happen. We are at fault because we let it get to this point. You can’t get everybody to stand up for the good things in life, but they will come from everywhere to stand up for the wrong, and we just sit back and let it happen [Yes. I’ll say it again: keeping the little guy down is a team effort. You can’t just expect to not do you part and assume that things will get done. C’mon, THIS IS AMERICA!]. ONE LAST THING, TO THE TWO GIRLS THAT WERE CAIGHT IN THE BATHROOM HAVING SEX, I BET YOUR PARENTS WOULD BE PROUD. [Yeah, only straight people should have sex in the bathroom! The act of these two girls is a problem for all homosexuals and should be thrown in all of their faces!]

4 Responses to “The rantings of UnAmericans. Feel free to dissect their nonsense.”
  1. BlackSun says:

    The misplaced apostrophe’s say it all! And the ALL CAPS 😉

  2. Richard Mayo says:

    Just like usual, you miss the whole point. I did not say you should not be gay. I said school is a place to get an education, not to decide if you want to be gay or not. But people always twist the facts to their benefit.

  3. active_axon says:

    Oh those silly gay’s, wanting to be treated like people. Isn’t that cute.

    Christ, it’s people like this that make me wish we’d never reconstructed after the civil war. That way all the ignorant, Bible-thumping, hate-mongers could have a country to call their own.

  4. ronbrown says:

    Like usual I miss the point? How many points have you observed me miss such that you feel comfortable suggesting that I have engaged in a pattern of point-missing?

    And you’ve missed my point. I didn’t say that you said that one shouldn’t be gay. I was speaking against your condemnation of people standing up for gay rights in school, a public forum. It wasn’t like they were interfering with the class. They made a quiet statement in their clothing and sat at their desks like everyone else. And why isn’t it a place to decide if you want to be gay or not? It’s a place of education and socialization. Why can’t it be a place where one investigates who they want to be? School is not just about math, English, science, and geography, it’s about developing people and citizens. If it were just about cold academics, there would not be extracurricular activities, gym class, special days for learning about different cultures, and the like. It’d be math, science, english, geography, history, go home.

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