North Dakota Secularists File Lawsuit Against City of Fargo

From Ed Brayton: The Red River Freethinkers have filed suit against the city of Fargo, North Dakota over their refusal to allow a monument citing the Treaty with Tripoli to be placed near the Ten Commandments monument on city property. The Treaty with Tripoli, negotiated under George Washington and signed by John Adams in 1797, … Continue reading

Incivility in the city: Rogers Centre Bans Alcohol in cheap sections on $2 Tuesdays

As I note in my personal profile, I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. I just learned that the Toronto Blue Jays management has elected to discontinue the serving of alcohol in the $2 sections on $2 Tuesdays. For those unfamiliar with this promotion, on select Tuesday home games tickets for the entire fifth level … Continue reading

Western society is in no position to ban the raping of animals. There. I said it.

Now hear me out on this before allowing any pre-conceived judgments to crystallize on this assertion. Before I get into my argument, I will say that I personally have no interest in having sex with or forcing myself sexually upon an animal. Nor am I saying that people should do this, or that it is a … Continue reading

Sam Harris: It’s not about atheism, it’s about reason and genuine respect for the well-being of others

Having just watched the recent Sam Harris + Rabbi David Wolpe debate on the existence of God, I was reminded of Sam Harris’ very important and agreeable position that a big part of the cultural struggle being fought be secularists should not be about atheism specifically, but about reason generally. Now, the subject of religion … Continue reading

90 day Ron

In 90 days I will still most likely find it to have been unjustifiably inconsiderate to, as an art project, create a blog entitled 90DayJane in which a person calling herself Jane claims that she plans on committing suicide in 90 days. While I don’t think this Jane is a bad person, this was surely a … Continue reading

Barack Obama’s speech on religion in America

I just watched Barack Obama’s recent speech on religion in America. I *really* like what he had to say. Obama discusses a few key interrelated topics: his personal religious background, the religious divide in America, and the importance of upholding church-state separation.

Is one arrogant if they point out the irrationality in believing in leprechauns? What about God?

A query to the rationalist community: Don’t you just love it how religious people believe that their beliefs are somehow special? And that to point out the irrationality in believing them and to refer to the beliefs as having all the tell-tale signs of a fairy tale until proven otherwise is arrogant?

The Westborough Baptist Church asks for the address of Heath Ledger’s funeral service

Ed Brayton reports that Fred Phelps’ Westborough Baptist Church has written an open letter to the family of Heath Ledger, asking them to reveal the location of the fallen star’s funeral service….so that they can engage in their ritual protesting of homosexuality in America, condemn the deceased, and celebrate the death of the deceased, calling it … Continue reading

The Pope on human dignity

Scientific American recently presented the Pope’s views on the implications of certain biology research and biotechnology practices for human dignity. According to Pope Benedict, embryonic stem cell research, artificial insemination and the prospect of human cloning have “shattered” human dignity. Hmmm, and I suppose that indoctrinating children to believe that they are born sinners who are on … Continue reading

Reply from US Afghanistan Embassy

This morning I received a reply to my email to the American Afghanistan Embassy regarding the death penalty assigned to Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh. Here is the email that I sent: