Endorsing Justin Trottier, Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Parkdale-High Park

Endorsing Justin Trottier, Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Parkdale-High Park. A proud endorsement of Justin Trottier in his candidacy in the upcoming Ontario provincial elections. Justin is a leading Canadian activist on behalf of nontheism, secularism, science, reason, humanism, freedom of speech, gay rights, and other causes that make Canada one of the world’s most … Continue reading

Editorial Submission re: War of the Worldviews religious debate event in Whitby, ON

Here is the final draft just sent to the Durham Region News, for publication as an op-ed:

Letter to the Editor Re: War of the Worldviews religious debates in Whitby, ON

The recent War of the Worldviews religious debates in Whitby, ON was covered in the Durham Region newspapers this week. The event was also covered extensively on this blog, here, here, here and here. My letter to the editor on this event can be read below. I will be sending the letter of as soon … Continue reading

The Laurier Freethought Alliance incident has now garnered national media attention

Last Friday’s miscommunication-based denial of the LFA application for club status at Wilfrid Laurier University continues to receive more and more attention. Attention was first generated by a firestorm of activity by a number of bloggers. Next, the story was picked up by the WLU online student paper, CordWeekly, and a prominent Waterloo, Ontario newspaper, The … Continue reading

Toronto District School Board to create Black-centric School

Reuters Canada reports that in an effort to address high dropout rates among Black students in Toronto, the Toronto District School Board has officially decided to open the city’s first Black-centric school for Fall 2009. TDSB will also be implementing Afrocentric history and culture educational programs at three existing Toronto high schools.  Afrocentric education will … Continue reading

Sharia banking: Not unsecular, but deceitful to Muslims?

I first heard of the introduction of sharia loan programs at North American banks this past summer. It didn’t bother me, and why should it have? It’s not like having sharia banking options is going to affect the options of others. It’s not like we are all going to have to engage in sharia banking. Some … Continue reading

Reminder: Royal Society member and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun at U of T TONIGHT

Tonight the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, Freethought Association of Canada, Centre For Inquiry Ontario, and Skeptics Canada are teaming up with University College London professor, Royal Society member, and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun to present Science in an Age of Endarkenment: Scientific Fraud, Quackery, Religion and University Politics at the University of Toronto. This is … Continue reading