Toronto District School Board to create Black-centric School

Reuters Canada reports that in an effort to address high dropout rates among Black students in Toronto, the Toronto District School Board has officially decided to open the city’s first Black-centric school for Fall 2009. TDSB will also be implementing Afrocentric history and culture educational programs at three existing Toronto high schools.  Afrocentric education will teach subjects from a Black perspective, rather than the traditional perspective, which is seen as being Euro-centric.

Some statistics:

  • Approximately 12% of Toronto students self-identify as Black.
  • 40% of Caribbean-born Black students do not graduate from high school in Canada.
  • 32% of East African Black Canadian students drop out of high school

Educator Paul Green asserts “If it was the general population of kids failing out at that rate, nobody would accept that.”

The biggest concern of most opponents of the move is racial segregation. The Ontario government has said it would prefer that students learn together, using an expanded curriculum.

Advocates of the initiative, on the other hand, say it is not matter of separating students, but of reaching out to those in need.

“People are so caught up in believing this is about segregation,” said Beverly-Jean Daniels, who teaches classroom diversity at York University in Toronto. “They’re not willing at the end of the day to see this is about what’s in the best interest of children in our society.”

I, too, am quite concerned about segregation. Living in a multicultural society, is it really a good idea to split people up for huge chunks of their childhood? By the same token, if there is good reason to believe that Black students could be better reached through Afrocentric programming, maybe it is not such a bad idea. But here comes my second major concern: precedent. Now that this group has gotten its own school, who is next? Tonight CityTV News reported that already 5 other groups have indicated their interest in receiving their own distinct publicly-run academic programming. The reply to the issue of precedent by one of the representatives of the TDSB was that the reason that Blacks are receiving this treatment is because they have faired particularly poorly as a group. It is the need for help, not the social group that was the prime mover here. Thus, merely being a member of a recognized social group is not an argument for receiving a distinct set of educational programming. However, here’s what I could see happening. Muslims are known for being among the less well-integrated minorities in Canada. What if Islamic organizations begin saying that they need their own education system because the Canadian system is Euro-centric and alienates them, just as has been said for the Black community (an obvious retort would be that if anything, Muslims need to be in the public system so as to promote integration; but nevertheless, the precedent of giving people of different cultural backgrounds special educational arrangements would have been set). Then we have Blacks and Muslims separated from the mainstream. What’s next, Hindus? Sikhs?

While I can understand the genuinely serious set of problems that need to be addressed with regard to the education of young Black Canadians, I worry about the role that this precedent could play in the fracturing of our society along cultural/ideological lines. As our society moves deeper and deeper into culture wars and wars of ideas, I think it is a dangerous step to do things which could lead to mutual isolation and polarization.

Perhaps my concerns can be allayed by basing any additional educational systems not on teaching from the perspectives of different cultures and ideologies, but on teaching from the perspectives of different groups within North America—as is the plan for Blacks.  However, I also have a third concern: cost. Each time an educational system is split a new set of overhead costs is produced. Basically, it is cheaper to run one big system than two smaller ones. Each time the systems are split the administrative costs go up. This is a major counterargument against the continued funding of the Catholic separate school system in Ontario (and more recently in Alberta), and was frequently cited against John Tory’s Tories’ position to extend public funding to other faiths.

We have a complex problem on our hands. We want to be able to provide all Canadian children with the best possible education in a setting where they are comingling with the full spectrum of races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, political orientations, and so forth that make up Canada. How do we educate in a manner that is effective, inclusive, non-isolating, and cost effective?

43 Responses to “Toronto District School Board to create Black-centric School”
  1. Jah Melku says:

    Let me start off by saying I understand your issues.

    As a former student of the TDSB, I can’t see those kids become very productive members of society without a high school education. It would be unfair of us to allow the pattern to continue in the interest of being politically correct. Finally, it’s a teaching method that is different, it is not particularly culture-centric (I visited a talk by someone running such a school). I see no problems in a non-black student going to such a school, so it wont necessarily lead to segregation. I think especially when we consider how multicultural Toronto is to begin with.

  2. Stoobs says:

    It seems a counterproductive move to me. Regardless of the intent, it seems likely that the result will be de facto segregation. Even if white students are allowed into the school, how many parents will choose to send their kids there?

    The problems faced by black kids almost certainly have more to do with popular culture, and the celebration of academic failure and criminality amongst poor and working class blacks. These problems are compounded by the fact that academic failure carries very little stigma in high school – generally speaking, a high school kid is under far more social pressure to succeed athletically and socially than academically. Academic success is rarely rewarded and failure rarely punished except in the longest term.

    Indeed, if my memory of highschool is to be trusted, most social pressure on kids is to perform WORSE academically, rather than better.

    It may be that studying Afrocentric history would help. If so, though, it seems that integrating such history into the regular curriculum, or offering it as a course in regular schools, would be far more likely to promote successful integration. The best way to contribute to academic success, though, would be to provide real incentives for success, and penalties for failure.

  3. M says:

    since I’m commenting, I might as well comment some more. I think I approach the idea of compulsory segregation differently from you since I chose to attend a single-sex school for college. based on my experience, I think elective segregation could well be beneficial for these students, particularly at such a critical time in their lives. It was pretty great to attend a school where all the student government presidents, college presidents, physics and art majors, radio DJs, RAs, student computer techs, stoners, and most of the professors were women (in my experience, at least. I only had two male professors in four years of college, though of course I took 22/32 courses in two departments from three different people) . it does make a difference to your confidence and self-esteem to be surrounded by positive examples of people who are like you in positions that in other schools might be filled by people who, well, aren’t. I’ll reserve my judgment about whether this decision is a good move or not until we see what the outcomes for students look like, but success can be defined in ways beyond academic achievement.

  4. M says:

    er, elective segregation, not compulsory.

  5. Jah Melku says:

    Stoobs I have to correct you on something. It’s not about Afrocentricism, or African history in the sense that we learned ‘black history’ during February.

    It’s using a different academic approach to learning.
    For example, the guy who did the talk about it at my University says that they try more hands-on learning for example, as black students have been shown to respond better to such techniques.

    So it’s not about Afrocentrism.

  6. Jah Melku says:

    Like M said as well, it may help for these students to see positive role models that they identify with in their school.

    I would say to look up these schools to see how they’ve done. I think these kids deserve a chance to succeed, even if it’s politically incorrect.

    This can be one case where we say the ends may justify the means. The good thing about Toronto again is our multiculturalism.

  7. Stoobs says:

    Hey, I’m white and I respond better to hands on learning too. If you want to set up schools that take advantage of different approaches to learning, and have psychologists evaluate the particular learning styles of individual students, then assign them to the appropriate school, I’d be all for that. It’s an excellent decision, which would certainly improve the quality of education received by many students who are poorly suited to the current system. In that case, though, I’d have to ask what race has to do with anything? Assigning students based on their race, rather than on testing of the specifics of their learning style, is patently ridiculous. What about black students who are better matched to the current system? There must be some, because there are educated blacks out there.

    My main point here, though, is that making determinations based on race is by its nature divisive. It will not improve the overall situation of blacks. Even if the new schools were implemented perfectly, and succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of their founders, the social effects of segregation would likely be negative, and they would certainly encourage white racists to write off any gains made by the black students at the new school as ‘lowering the bar’. I don’t believe segregation based on emotionally charged differences such as race, gender, sexuality, etc is ever the answer – even if it succeeds in the short term, it will inevitably breed serious problems for the future.

    Hmmm… If all forms of segregated learning are to be considered equivalent, I for the sake of full disclosure I have to admit that I attended an all-boys highschool, and in retrospect would say that it was a horrible decision that greatly impaired my social development, and particularly my ability to relate to women – it took years to get to the point where I had a clue, and even now my social skills are probably well below the curve. It’s possible that this experience prejudices me against the idea.

  8. autumnrhythm says:

    (I think asians need their own segregated school as white people are clearly bringing them down and making them as dumb as us)

    sorry M, but you went to a electively segregated college. That is a far cry from an electively segregated elementary/high school. These young adults are in the time of their life when almost all of their conceptions of the world are created. School is about training you for the REAL world. In the real world (at least in Canada), people of different races come together to succeed, we help each other, and we are supposed to focus on the success of humanity, not on the success of a particular race.
    YES, it is more than clear that these black students need help, and they need it more than students of other races. But is it impossible to think that perhaps it isn’t elective racism that they need, and maybe less race-centered media influences, less race-centered ideas of blacks as victims in our culture in general, less blacks living below the poverty line so their parents don’t have time to help them with learning and foster a stable environment? Why don’t we look at the results of black students who have moderately wealthy parents who have the time to help their kids through school, provide them with the insanely costly materials they need, and so on versus the results of kids from parents who work 5 jobs just to keep food in their kids mouths. And no, this is not just a stereotype of black people, if you look at individuals of any race who barely have the clothes on their back you will see that they perform worse overall than those who are better off financially, and blacks happen to have many more families who are statistically below the poverty line. But sure, make it a race issue. That’s never caused any problems before.

  9. Kay says:

    I think this is a very complex issue and there will never be a ‘right answer’. I agree with so many of the points made in the previous comments. I do however beleive maybe if the situation is as bad as it seems we need to look at other countries education systems.
    I was very lucky to attend a school in England for one year. I was 12 years old and learned so much more in that year than in my whole 4 years of highschool; not just schoolwise but socially. What I loved about the education system there was they had Sets. Set A was the highest all the way to Set E, which was specially for children with learning disabilities. You could be in any Set for any class. For example, a student is very good at Math, they could be in Set A but they struggle in English class so maybe they would be in Set C for that. Every year you had the opourtunity to move Sets. If you did well you could move up, if you did badly, you moved down. I found this system amazingly productive. I was motivated, always in a class set for my skill level, surrounding by other people also at that skill level. You were never critized for being in a lower set because it was very common to be in a higher one for another subject. We also wore uniforms, which I think is also a good thing but that’s another story.
    Bascially I could go on and on about how much I loved going to school in England and that when I came back to Canada where I finished Junior High, Highschool and attended three different Universities across Canada… I was always disapointed. Whether it be elective or compulsory segregation, I do not beleive it is ever necessary based on race. Instead of adding another school system to one that is already lacking, maybe we should change it. This whole process is going to be difficult so we might as well make a decision that could benefit ALL students.

  10. Ian says:

    This school may help to decrease the dropout rate amoungst black students in Toronto, but is that the only way we should qualify its value? What about when these graduates move on to university or college? Career life? Will they opt to work for black only companies?

    I can’t help but think that by allowing this school to exist, the Torotno District School Board, and the Ontario provincial government are admitting that there is a problem with our education system. We should completely revamp the Ontario public school system, not just add new schools for the minorities that don’t fit in.

  11. chris says:

    Most of the negative comments and arguments that I have noticed on this blog are based on an inherent fear of certain truths that had previously been suppressed that might be revealed. All Canadian children of different heritage ( european,asian, african etc ) have a right to learn about their cultural history from their perspective as opposed to an interpretation by some school district with a eurocentric bias. Over the last decade , the dissemination of information thru the internet has wrested the control of information from the chosen gate-keepers of the “allowed” history . Oh what a relief! We live in a very different world today , much more interconnected to all the cultures around the globe. The current institutions in Canada have inherited a sometimes brutal and cruel legacy from past belief systems and policies from a totally different world then the one we live in today , and must be reformed, or go extinct. The rules of the commerce game in the world has also changed profoundly and I believe that if Canada is to prosper in todays world , our children must know their own culture intimately to become better communicators and better diplomats representing Canada around the world. As for the comment on minorities, try projecting that phrase into the wider world and lets see what you come up with , you do the math.

  12. L. Ron Brown says:

    I’ve been fairly inactive in this thread for a while (and in other threads for the past few days), but I think I need to reply to Chris.

    Chris, there are a big set of problems with giving every different heritage a special school program. Firstly, the obvious is fragmenting society into different cultural silos. But something that you probably haven’t thought of as it is not a very obvious consideration is numerous additional costs that creating many different systems could create. Every time a new system is added, we have to add on new administrative positions, new curriculum development and monitoring, additional book and materials costs (as many individual things will be bought in lesser quantities), additional land and buildings, and additional teachers. The costs of education are necessarily increased with increased specialization. This results in decreased quality of education for everyone, because more and more corners will need to be cut.

    I do, think, however, that there is a need to reform the education system in a variety of ways. A big set of issues focusing more on encouraging critical thinking, mindfulness, making clear to students the philosophical and real-world importance of what they are learning, promoting independent thinking, teaching students that it is okay to be wrong and change one’s beliefs and of the dangers of becoming identified with one’s beliefs, and of course doing things to promote a genuine respect for the well-being and rights of others, and teaching skills and knowledge relevant to the economy as it stands and where it appears to be headed. I can go into more on this if wanted, but right now I’m in a hurry so I’ll leave it at that for now.

  13. evolution says:


    We have a similar problem in the UK.
    For me, the issue is simple. No to all segregation. Now I went to a school with people of all faiths, religions, cultures and backgrounds. My home town is also very liberal. I have friends from all walks of life; all religions, all cultures, and believe it or not, even a few atheists 😉

    In London and other rural parts of England, it is a different story: you have wide areas where you only meet people of one religion or culture. When I met people in London (esp. minorities) I felt that they had pre-conceived ideas about other races. Racism stems from ignorance; it creates divisions (“They’re not like us”)

    So, I feel any form of segregation is not conducive to good race relations.

    Just my 2 cents.

  14. It’s a little early to through around the the word “segregation”. The program won’t even be defined until May 2008. It could be run in an existing building with lots of students of different ethnic backgrounds around.

    What it really amounts to is an acknowledgment that the impoverished and disenfranchised in society don’t always do so well in mainstream educational institutions. This may not be the solution, but all the furor so far is completely misplaced. This is just an attempt to address a shortcoming in the system.

  15. evolution says:

    It is, but I don’t think it works. Just speaking from experience of London schools.

  16. But you are speaking about something you have no knowledge of. You don’t live in the community, the plans haven’t been finalized or announced, and whatever you might have experienced in London could be completely irrelevant to this situation. You have as much insight as to whether I treat my dog fairly. Even if you are a dog owner and dog lover, you have no specific knowledge of how I treat my dog, so any comment you make is of no value.

    Even though this is totally out of context, the quote still applies:

    “Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.” Wittgenstein

  17. evolution says:

    That’s why my comments were on the broader philosophical debate on whether I agree with separate religious schools and why I framed the argument in the context of London schools, moron.

    It’s great how you’re incapable of having a discussion without starting an argument. I really admire your aggressive approach. It’s heartening to know I spark such outrage in you. 🙂

    This is like me saying you have no right to comment on Islam because you don’t know what it’s like to be a Muslim.

  18. Nobody is in favour of segregating students. It’s not clear anyone in this case even suggested it. What has been suggested is a program to meet the needs of thousands of students who slip through the cracks every year. Yet you and many other start with the whole “I think segregation is wrong”. What philosophical point are you trying to make?

    The broader philosophical debate should be about why the school system is in such a mess. The curriculum fails to prepare students, it’s underfunded so the buildings are crumbling, and in Ontario there is a completely adversarial relationship between teachers and school boards.

    In this case, a group of people managed to get a proposal approved that will address some of the needs for students who have an abysmal graduation rate. Good for them! Will they screw it up? Maybe, but at least someone is trying something. Very few comments here were constructive at all and most were ill informed.

    Your comments were about race relations. Segregation at school may not help them, but did you consider that segregation through ignorance and poverty is also bad. When an identifiable goup of students has a 23% (that’s off the top of my head, could be inaccurate) graduation rate, they are excluded from most jobs that would support them. Poverty and ignorance leads to crime and incarceration.

    Comment away, but being as the school board won’t even know what the program will look like until May and that the goals of the group were to address the low completion rate of a group of students by making their curriculum more culturally relevant, perhaps all the “segregation is bad” nonsense which no one argued for in the first place could wait a bit.

  19. chris says:

    I think its too late in the day to resist the measurable dynamism of information transfer in what has been known traditionally as “education”. The World has evolved from a post greco-euro centric history to a multi- dimensional-cultural mosaic by default. Yes, its true , past interpretations of so called “history” has a profound effect on how information is interpreted , where the winning side gets to frame it in a positive or negative context , depending on how the author of the content gets paid the big bucks. This same information can no longer be interpreted the same way, post 9/11 . The veil of secret malevolent intent by our most trusted 3 pillars of western society has been revealed for all to see . From here on, try using the ” follow the money trail ” then come back full circle to the “educational system” . The play of the game has changed and now the ball is in the arena of political ideology; the great challenge for individual Canadians is to express their creator given rights to unadulterated information aka as Truth.

  20. Greg says:

    People act as if this is a Toronto only problem. Similar low graduation rates have been noted for people of African descent in American, Canada, England, Scotland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

    Maybe it’s time we stop blaming EVERYONE but the people not graduating when everyone seems to be able to with little problem.

  21. Stoobs says:

    Yes, anywhere they have been systematically oppressed for several hundred years or so, blacks perform poorly in school. Coincidence, or a conspiracy by blacks to make our education system look bad?

  22. wambugha says:

    german kids in africa, go to german schools
    french kids to french schools

    african kids in canada want the option to go to
    african schools

    i don’t see why white poeple are so threatened by this,

    or maybe i do,

    because it disproves the notion of white superiority

    each black who choses africa, tells whitey to go fcuk hisself

    and I’ve lived long enough to know that whitey doesn’t like that!


    get over yourselves!

  23. wambugha says:

    muslims do not want christians educating their kids
    and vice versa

    i as a black reserve the right to ensure only black oriented folk influence my kids!

    i know this!

  24. L. Ron Brown says:

    mmhmmmm…… Great way to encourage tribalization.

  25. L. Ron Brown says:

    Way to be a racist, by the way. To assume that all races are so inherently different from one another and wanting to encourage this for all times.

  26. Jennifer says:

    I think it is really dumb for them to separate the kids there is nothing with the relations between the races and we have worked so hard just to get rid of segregation and now they are bringing it all back again.

  27. thisbusymonster says:

    How is it that so many people feel it is appropriate to make comments, even condemn this idea without providing a single reference to the actual program being proposed.

    Why is there a discussion of segregation, tribalism and this other nonsense? Has this actually been proposed, or are you knobs just spouting off because you are bored with wanking yourselves.

    Either post some references, quotes, and links to actual information about the proposed program or STFU.

  28. ShellyDK says:

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  29. johnny zed says:

    First what does an education based on the students”african” heritage look like. Will it be just another outlet to continue blaming whitey for the dismal grades that most black male students get. Is the curriculum going to be dumbed down so the school can claim success? If the target students are doing so badly in the regular schools what makes anyone think that they will do any better in an afrocentric school? And will they teach that the white europeans were responsible for slavery? The truth is it was blacks selling conquered tribes first to the arabs the etruscans the persians the hittites and the white europeans were much later but the same thing was going on it was blacks selling or trading other blacks to the traders. Will this be taught or will the curiculum continue blaming the white man. You see racism is being used as a shield to avoid any responsibiliy for thier actions and as a weapon to beat society over the head with. Now as for the other schools in the system will be losing material and classrooms and other resources to ensure this abberation succeeds. You will still havee a huge dropout rate becuase you see the thug life is far easier than actually applying ones self to finishing school. Picking up a gun is easier than listening and learning this is a cultural issue not an educational , or curriculum problem. The culture I refer to is blatantly obvious the baby momma culture the gangs culture, the guns culture the drug cullture is strictly a Jamaican import and if one does read the stats put out by the education system, and the stats put out by the probation and the police stats, as well as the social services stats the majority of dropout young black males you will clearly see one undeniable fact the majority of dropouts and the majority of black males involved in thug crime life are of Jamaican descent. And yet no one in the black community will ever address this fact. Oh no they will scream racism and wail and moan as well as hiss through their teeth at you. This black afrocentric( not one of these homies have any idea about africa and they have no ties to africa. ) If you come to Canada, we do provide a free education which you have rejected for a black school. Please tell me that recidivist history will be taught to these youths, and I wonder if this school will invite the black radical hate mongering speakers to come and teach hatred to the black youth. If you do not like our education system then go back to Jamaica and do not come back stay in your dysfunctional hellhole and take the chance of being a murder victim (Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the world).

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