The Laurier Freethought Alliance incident has now garnered national media attention

Last Friday’s miscommunication-based denial of the LFA application for club status at Wilfrid Laurier University continues to receive more and more attention. Attention was first generated by a firestorm of activity by a number of bloggers. Next, the story was picked up by the WLU online student paper, CordWeekly, and a prominent Waterloo, Ontario newspaper, The Record. Canadian Press then covered the story, which led to an article in the Toront0-based Globe and Mail newspaper. The story even made it to television. LFA President Tyler Handley and VP Anatoly Venovcev discussed the events on a local news program. And then, to top it off, they appeared on CTV national news at 11:30 PM tonight. This chain of events is just not what a pair of undergraduates running a small student group in a small surburban university expect when they wake up on a Friday morning.

For those of you that hadn’t heard, the incident has been resolved. The miscommunication was clarified, a mutually-satisfying agreement was reached, and all parties are astonished by the amount of attention the event received. Oh, and VP Venovcev is very pleased by the way things turned out, as is President Handley.

Hat Tip: The Friendly Atheist

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