Reason/Humanism Collaborative MegaSite

Greetings Advocates of Reason and Humanism, Are you interested in joining an ambitious international community of advocates for reason and humanism who are working to create a major independent media voice? I and a growing group of freethinkers are working to expand our small collaborative website, (name to change), into a broadbased collaborative site. … Continue reading

The Edger: The Next Big Thing in Online Secular Activism

In what is just my second post in a long time, I’m making a point of encouraging everyone to check out The Edger. The Edger is a new and extremely well-produced secularism and atheism activism website. I had the privilege of helping to develop this site, and the people commandeering the operation are all very talented … Continue reading

Jason Beghe, Lawrence Wollersheim and Tommy and Jennifer Gorman Commend Anonymous

On May 10, the day of Operation: FairGameStop, Jason Beghe, Lawrence Wollersheim (the man who successfully sued Scientology for over $9 million) and Tommy and Jennifer Gorman (ex-Scientologists and seasoned critics) took part in the international protest against Scientology, delivered their thanks to Anonymous, and encouraged everyone to continue standing up for freethought and rationality. … Continue reading

Gonna be in/around Oshawa, ON on Friday afternoon? Go see Tom Flynn

In addition to speaking at the Centre For Inquiry (Toronto) on Friday evening, Tom Flynn of CFI Transnational will be speaking at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology in Oshawa from 2-4 PM. Flynn will be speaking on his upcoming publication The New Encyclopedia of Unbelief. For a complete rundown of the event, click … Continue reading

Tom Flynn in Toronto at Center For Inquiry, this Friday

Centre for Inquiry‘s CELEBRATION OF SCIENCE AND FREETHOUGHT ATHEISTS, HERETICS and UNBELIEVERS have fought at the forefront of every major civil rights movement of that last 300 years, including the Enlightenment, universal suffrage, abolitionism and minority civil rights. As the aggressive ‘New Atheists’ make headlines, the public tends to forget the legacy from which they … Continue reading

The Laurier Freethought Alliance incident has now garnered national media attention

Last Friday’s miscommunication-based denial of the LFA application for club status at Wilfrid Laurier University continues to receive more and more attention. Attention was first generated by a firestorm of activity by a number of bloggers. Next, the story was picked up by the WLU online student paper, CordWeekly, and a prominent Waterloo, Ontario newspaper, The … Continue reading

Calling all secular bloggers: Join the online opposition of WLUSU denial of the Laurier Freethought Association

Over the past few days Anatoly Venovcev, Tyler Handley and I have been working hard to spread the word about Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union’s decision to deny group status to Venovcev, Handley et al’s Laurier Freethought Association. Click here for the full story. The outpouring of support from the blogosphere has been fantastic! Here … Continue reading

Reminder: Royal Society member and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun at U of T TONIGHT

Tonight the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, Freethought Association of Canada, Centre For Inquiry Ontario, and Skeptics Canada are teaming up with University College London professor, Royal Society member, and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun to present Science in an Age of Endarkenment: Scientific Fraud, Quackery, Religion and University Politics at the University of Toronto. This is … Continue reading

Could we hold the ultimate atheist conference?!

Hemant Mehta, the Friendly Atheist, best known for having sold his soul on eBay, has opened discussion on the topic of having a MAJOR atheist/nontheist/secularist/humanist/freethinker conference in 2010. The conference would bring people from across the continent together to meet, network, exchange ideas, establish new directions and concerns for secular activism, and show Washington, the … Continue reading