Scientologists Caught Masquerading as Anonymous and Handing Out Fake Bigotted Flyers

Scientologists were caught in Australia masquerading as Anonymous protesters. They were handing out shoddily made flyers purported to be from Anonymous. The flyers misrepresented Anonymous as being a hate group out to raid Christianity, Hinduism, and a host of other major religions as well as other cults like the Raelians, in addition to Scientology. We … Continue reading

Belgian authorities raid Cult of Scientology

Belgian authorities have raided the local Cult of Scientology, seizing documents, financial records and computer equipment. Following the raid, authorities sealed off the local cult base. The Cult in Belgium “is being investigated for extortion and fraud after posting false job openings in newspapers then attempting to get those who applied to join” the Cult. … Continue reading

Belgian prosecutor: Church of Scientology is a criminal organization

A video posted on YouTube last year shows a news report on how the Cult of Scientology was facing the possibility of facing trial for charges of fraud and extortion. A 10-year invesitigation led a Belgian prosecutor to contend that the cult should be labeled a criminal organization. Investigation of the cult in Belgium was … Continue reading

GlaxoSmithKline occused of hiding information on suicide risk of Paxil

Analysis of recently released internal GlaxoSmithKline memos and reports is suggesting that GSK had obscured data indicating that Paxil (paroxetine), a popular and profitable antidepressant medication, produces an eightfold increase in suicide risk. GSK is accused of having engaged in obviously illegitimate scientific practices in the analysis and presentation of data so as to not display … Continue reading

Reminder: Royal Society member and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun at U of T TONIGHT

Tonight the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, Freethought Association of Canada, Centre For Inquiry Ontario, and Skeptics Canada are teaming up with University College London professor, Royal Society member, and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun to present Science in an Age of Endarkenment: Scientific Fraud, Quackery, Religion and University Politics at the University of Toronto. This is … Continue reading