Backlash: Proponents of Complementary & Alternative Medicine take issue with David Colquhoun

During his recent visit to Toronto, Dr. David Colquhoun, Pharmacologist at University College London, appeared on CBC Radio‘s Sunday Edition. As usual, he made many damning remarks about the validity of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). Notably, Colquhoun asserts that an appropriate means of categorizing the different types of medicine is not scientific versus CAM, … Continue reading

National Post article on David Colquhoun

Charles Lewis of the National Post caught up with David Colquhoun last week during the Royal Society member’s brief stop in Toronto. Colquhoun discusses his view that we are living in an age of Endarkenment; we have moved away from the honest, rational, open-minded and inquisitive ideals of the Enlightenment, and have come to increasingly purvey … Continue reading

Some pictures from David Colquhoun at the University of Toronto

Here are a few pictures from the CFI Toronto pre-event reception, courtesy of Larry Moran of Sandwalk.

David Colquhoun at the University of Toronto

As was advertised ad nauseum on TFP over the past few weeks, Royal Society member and noted skeptic David Colquhoun spoke at the University of Toronto last night. Colquhoun’s presentation was this year’s main event of the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, and it was a great success.

Reminder: Royal Society member and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun at U of T TONIGHT

Tonight the University of Toronto Secular Alliance, Freethought Association of Canada, Centre For Inquiry Ontario, and Skeptics Canada are teaming up with University College London professor, Royal Society member, and noted skeptic Dr. David Colquhoun to present Science in an Age of Endarkenment: Scientific Fraud, Quackery, Religion and University Politics at the University of Toronto. This is … Continue reading