Responding to an ID-Sympathizing Blogger

On his blog Vere Loqui – which I like the title of, Martin Cothran wrote: L. Ron Brown at “The Frame Problem” takes Ben Stein to task for making careless remarks about science on the Glenn Beck show. Of course Brown employs the usual array of hyperbolic terms favored by Darwinists in such cases to … Continue reading

Sharia banking: Not unsecular, but deceitful to Muslims?

I first heard of the introduction of sharia loan programs at North American banks this past summer. It didn’t bother me, and why should it have? It’s not like having sharia banking options is going to affect the options of others. It’s not like we areĀ all going to have to engage in sharia banking. Some … Continue reading

Who are the “dissenters from Darwinism”?

Ken at Open Parachute asks “Who are the “dissenters from Darwinism”? ID Creationist Wedge activists (i.e., those behind efforts to sneakily insert Christianity into the Science classroom by beginning with Intelligent Design first and then later on sliding in more and more of Christianity bit by bit) created an online Dissent from Darwin list, which … Continue reading