University Education: Why The Lack Of Accountability?

I had the BEST day a few months ago! First, I went to the movies and the theatre decided to do the viewers a favour by stopping the movie twenty minutes early. SCORE! With all the extra time my friends and I had, we decided to go grab a beer. Well it must have been … Continue reading

Scientology Ad in University of Toronto Student Newspaper

This ad was spotted by a friend in the University of Toronto student paper, The Varsity. Quick questions for the CoS: * Would the customer be buying the book at $16.00, or making a “fixed donation” of $16.00? * Is there a student discount? For more on Scientology, click here.

Plagiarizing an anti-plagiarism honour code. IIIIronyyyy!

Ed Brayton just gave me a nice Sunday afternoon chuckle: “The University of Texas, San Antonio appointed a student committee to write an honor code prohibiting plagiarism at the university. The committee decides instead to just copy the honor code from BYU. Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?”

The Laurier Freethought Alliance incident has now garnered national media attention

Last Friday’s miscommunication-based denial of the LFA application for club status at Wilfrid Laurier University continues to receive more and more attention. Attention was first generated by a firestorm of activity by a number of bloggers. Next, the story was picked up by the WLU online student paper, CordWeekly, and a prominent Waterloo, Ontario newspaper, The … Continue reading

Laurier Freethought Alliance to receive full Campus Clubs recognition by week’s end

After a firestorm of freethought blogging, a barrage of angry emails, a stirred up Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union (WLUSU) executive board and university administration, and the clarification of some miscommunications between the Laurier Freethought Alliance (LFA) and the WLUSU, the WLUSU has agreed to grant the LFA campus club status pending the addition of statements to the … Continue reading

No more angry letters to Wilfrid Laurier University!!

Late last week the clubs commission of the Wilfrid Laurier University Students Union denied the application of the Laurier Freethought Association for official group recognition (a status which conveys a number of benefits that non-recognized clubs do not have access to). Over the weekend a number of bloggers have written posts expressing their discontent with … Continue reading

Calling all secular bloggers: Join the online opposition of WLUSU denial of the Laurier Freethought Association

Over the past few days Anatoly Venovcev, Tyler Handley and I have been working hard to spread the word about Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union’s decision to deny group status to Venovcev, Handley et al’s Laurier Freethought Association. Click here for the full story. The outpouring of support from the blogosphere has been fantastic! Here … Continue reading

Lockdown at the University of British Columbia

Earlier today there was an ordered lockdown at the University of British Columbia‘s Biological Sciences Building. Upon receiving notice of a threat, UBC security ordered the roughly 1,000 students, faculty and staff to remain in their classrooms and laboratories. It was no one in, no one out, with the exception of people with a secret … Continue reading

National Post article on David Colquhoun

Charles Lewis of the National Post caught up with David Colquhoun last week during the Royal Society member’s brief stop in Toronto. Colquhoun discusses his view that we are living in an age of Endarkenment; we have moved away from the honest, rational, open-minded and inquisitive ideals of the Enlightenment, and have come to increasingly purvey … Continue reading

Anti-evolution resolutions have found a niche in northern Florida

The National Center for Science Education, an American organization which defends the teaching of evolution in public schools, reports that at least nine northern Florida county school boards have adopted resolutions calling for the state board of education “to revise new Sunshine State Standards for Science such that evolution is not presented as fact, but … Continue reading