Review of Atheism – Christianity debate between Christopher DiCarlo and Dave Hunt at the “Decide for Yourself” religion debates in Whitby, ON

For general overviews of the event, go here, here and here. These reviews are all written by humanists who were strongly disappointed by the slanted nature of the event. Put briefly, the event was run by Christian literalists, at a Christian school, with Christian moderators, with questions to the speakers having to be written down … Continue reading

Calling all secular bloggers: Join the online opposition of WLUSU denial of the Laurier Freethought Association

Over the past few days Anatoly Venovcev, Tyler Handley and I have been working hard to spread the word about Wilfrid Laurier University Student Union’s decision to deny group status to Venovcev, Handley et al’s Laurier Freethought Association. Click here for the full story. The outpouring of support from the blogosphere has been fantastic! Here … Continue reading

Waterloo, Ontario’s Wilfrid Laurier University denies recognition to campus freethought group

After 9 months of doddling and deliberation, WLU has denied the Laurier Freethought Alliance’s (LFA) application for official campus group recognition.

Toronto District School Board to create Black-centric School

Reuters Canada reports that in an effort to address high dropout rates among Black students in Toronto, the Toronto District School Board has officially decided to open the city’s first Black-centric school for Fall 2009. TDSB will also be implementing Afrocentric history and culture educational programs at three existing Toronto high schools.  Afrocentric education will … Continue reading

23 year old Afghani sentenced to death for publishing article critical of treatment of women in the Quran

Ed Brayton reports that 23 year old Afghani student and journalist, Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh, has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan on the charge of blasphemy for having had the gall to publish an article online in which he criticizes the treatment of women in the Quran. The US Commission on International Religious Freedom has … Continue reading

I have shocked, SHOCKED a reader with my willingness to criticize his religion

In Is it a bad thing that the scientific community is supposedly intolerant of religion?, a reader is exasperated that I would have the nerve to shine the spotlight on *his* beliefs: Mormonism. To be fair, he also thinks that I and the scientific community should be “tolerant” of other absurdities such as astrology and … Continue reading