The Young Turks: A Growing Voice For Reason

The Young Turks (TYT) is a burgeoning American independent news and views organization. With their daily, even-handed, candid, insightful and humourous coverage of various issues across the political spectrum, TYT’s YouTube channel has amassed a massive following. They are a demonstration of the sort of standard that major news media does not live up to. … Continue reading

Reason/Humanism Collaborative MegaSite

Greetings Advocates of Reason and Humanism, Are you interested in joining an ambitious international community of advocates for reason and humanism who are working to create a major independent media voice? I and a growing group of freethinkers are working to expand our small collaborative website, (name to change), into a broadbased collaborative site. … Continue reading

The Edger: The Next Big Thing in Online Secular Activism

In what is just my second post in a long time, I’m making a point of encouraging everyone to check out The Edger. The Edger is a new and extremely well-produced secularism and atheism activism website. I had the privilege of helping to develop this site, and the people commandeering the operation are all very talented … Continue reading

Cult of Scientology Conspired to Destroy Skeptic Organization CSICOP

In the late 1970s, the Cult of Scientology conspired to discredit and silence the Committee for Scientific Investigation of the Paranormal, CSICOP, an organization headed by world-renowned Humanist leader Paul Kurtz, who also heads the Center For Inquiry. The 1977 order from the top level of the “Church” of Scientology outlining the plan, entitled Program: Humanist … Continue reading

TFP Must Reads

The following articles are must-reads: In the wake of the release of Ben Stein’s Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed, Science After Sunclipse writes an absolutely excellent piece (so excellent, in fact, that it was prominently linked on PZ Myers’ Pharyngula, which is, to my knowledge, the world’s most read science blog) on the depressing track record of … Continue reading

The Secular Conscience | Dr. Austin Dacey speaks in Toronto this Friday

THE SECULAR CONSCIENCE:  WHY BELIEF BELONGS IN PUBLIC LIFE,  with Dr. Austin Dacey.  The first Canadian book tour stop!  Do ethics presuppose religion? Are objective morals incompatible with  secular liberalism? Do questions of religion & values belong in public  life?

Editorial Submission re: War of the Worldviews religious debate event in Whitby, ON

Here is the final draft just sent to the Durham Region News, for publication as an op-ed:

Letter to the Editor Re: War of the Worldviews religious debates in Whitby, ON

The recent War of the Worldviews religious debates in Whitby, ON was covered in the Durham Region newspapers this week. The event was also covered extensively on this blog, here, here, here and here. My letter to the editor on this event can be read below. I will be sending the letter of as soon … Continue reading

Another frustrated Humanist review of the Whitby “Decide for Yourself” religion debates

Terry Price, the Humanist I wrote about in my review of the event (who was asked to stop distributing Humanism pamphlets), has written a review of his experiences at this event. This is very worth reading. Having not attended on Friday, and having been in the audience for the Frank Sherwin talk rather than manning … Continue reading

Islam, Atheism, Hinduism and Christianity: A weekend of religious debate in Whitby, Ontario

If you’re in or around the city of Whitby this Friday and/or Saturday, a big set of debates is being held. The two day event is titled the 2008 Decide for Yourself Debates. The intellectual War of the Worldviews will be waged by debators Christopher DiCarlo (atheism), Dave Hunt (Christianity), Budhendranauth Doobay (Hinduism), and Shabir Ally (Islam). Frank … Continue reading