Plymouth Scientolology Head, Vicky Boyce, is a THIEF!

Head of Plymouth, England Cult of Scientology Org, Vicky Boyce, was caught on tape stealing and refusing to return the signs of cult protesters. This is yet another incidence of Scientology heads caught on tape behaving badly in the name of their criminal cult. More Scientology leaders behaving badly: Recently, New York City Cult of … Continue reading

Quick Post: Just walked by Toronto CoS

I’m currently downtown. I just walked by the Toronto CoS on the way to meet someone. Unsurprisingly, when I looked in as I was passing by, what I saw was the absolute bare minimum number of people were in there: 2. One Scientologist to man the bookstore sales desk, and one to man the desk at … Continue reading

Toronto Anons’ Close Scientology Org in 2 minutes. An Open Challenge.

A small flash flier raid on Tuesday outside of the Toronto Scientology building led Scientologists to close down the building in 2 minutes! Maybe this is why Scientology is floundering. L. Ron Hubbard said that Scientologists must confront and shatter suppression. I’m not sure that closing down the building, hiding from protesters (or Suppressive Persons), and disingenuously … Continue reading

Did Canadian President of Scientology Implicitly Threaten Protester?!

Here is a video of “Reverend” Yvette Shank, President of the “Church” of Scientology Canada, speaking to a protester on an April 20 mini-raid protest in Toronto. Shank asks the protester why she is not wearing a mask. The protester says she is not wearing a mask on account of the warm weather and because she … Continue reading

Another weekend, another set of mini-raids on the Cult of Scientology!

Just doing a regular check-up on YouTube to see if any new videos have been filed under “Scientology” – which, of course, they have. It’s the end of another weekend, which means an onslaught of videos from weekend CoS mini-raids from around the world. Here are clips from a few:

Mini-Raid on Scientology in Toronto

Yesterday, a small group of Toronto area Anons engaged in a spontaneous mini-raid picket on the Cult of Scientology. This was reported to be the third mini-raid on Scientology in Toronto – at least by this set of individuals. There was also a mini-raid of the Pickering Flea Market (where a Dianetics booth is set up), just … Continue reading

BRUTAL Fair Gaming in Canada: Scientology’s Attempts to Ruin Gregg Hagglund

Gregg Hagglund has been a civilized and ethical picketer of the Cult of Scientology since the mid-90s. He has picketed in front of the Toronto Scientology Org over 80 times and played an integral role in the defeat of Scientology’s application for charity status in Canada. The Cult’s response to this was anything but civilized … Continue reading

My Visit to the Toronto Church of Scientology

I was in Toronto today and I stopped by the local CoS. I went in unmasked and casually and went up to the front desk and politely asked if I could speak to someone who was in charge or held some position of leadership. The nice attendant first responded with a bit of confusion, saying … Continue reading

Operation ReConnect: CTV Article

Operation ReConnect is officially in the books. The Toronto protest was a success, with the protest running strong from 11 AM to 3 PM. There was notably less police presence this time around. There was also significantly less suspicious activity (e.g., Scilons trying to bait protesters into unlawful behaviour). I loosely estimate an attendance of … Continue reading

Incivility in the city: Rogers Centre Bans Alcohol in cheap sections on $2 Tuesdays

As I note in my personal profile, I am a fan of the Toronto Blue Jays. I just learned that the Toronto Blue Jays management has elected to discontinue the serving of alcohol in the $2 sections on $2 Tuesdays. For those unfamiliar with this promotion, on select Tuesday home games tickets for the entire fifth level … Continue reading