Endorsing Justin Trottier, Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Parkdale-High Park

Endorsing Justin Trottier, Green Party of Ontario Candidate, Parkdale-High Park. A proud endorsement of Justin Trottier in his candidacy in the upcoming Ontario provincial elections. Justin is a leading Canadian activist on behalf of nontheism, secularism, science, reason, humanism, freedom of speech, gay rights, and other causes that make Canada one of the world’s most … Continue reading

Why healthcare is more efficient in Japan than the US and Canada

The Japanese healthcare system spends FAR less money than the Canadian system, and INCREDIBLY less than the truly abysmal American system, and yet enjoys significantly better results than both. While surely the reason for the differences in health between Japanese, Canadian and American citizens can be traced to reasons beyond the nations’ respective healthcare systems, … Continue reading

Tom Green rages at idiots on Fox News’ Red Eye

The video of the dopes on Faux Noise’s 3 AM program Red Eye ripping on Canada and Canadian troops in Afghanistan as certainly made its rounds on the net as of late. Here it is incase you haven’t seen it. It has annoyed and angered quite a few people, to say the least. I would … Continue reading

God is Dying in Canada

One could say that God is dying in Canada, as well as many other places. Because there is no good reason to believe that any God actually exists in reality, one could say that God is alive insofar as the God meme (i.e., the socially propagated idea) is being subscribed to and spread. Research in … Continue reading

Did Canadian President of Scientology Implicitly Threaten Protester?!

Here is a video of “Reverend” Yvette Shank, President of the “Church” of Scientology Canada, speaking to a protester on an April 20 mini-raid protest in Toronto. Shank asks the protester why she is not wearing a mask. The protester says she is not wearing a mask on account of the warm weather and because she … Continue reading

Cult of Scientology Crimes in Canada

From AnonymousToronto.Org: “Between 1974 and 1976, Scientologists secured employment with government agencies perceived to be enemies of the Church, and signed oaths of secrecy as public officials. In breach of their oaths of office, they then took copies of confidential documents from the agencies that employed them and provided them to the Church of Scientology … Continue reading

Lockdown at the University of British Columbia

Earlier today there was an ordered lockdown at the University of British Columbia‘s Biological Sciences Building. Upon receiving notice of a threat, UBC security ordered the roughly 1,000 students, faculty and staff to remain in their classrooms and laboratories. It was no one in, no one out, with the exception of people with a secret … Continue reading

Toronto District School Board to create Black-centric School

Reuters Canada reports that in an effort to address high dropout rates among Black students in Toronto, the Toronto District School Board has officially decided to open the city’s first Black-centric school for Fall 2009. TDSB will also be implementing Afrocentric history and culture educational programs at three existing Toronto high schools.  Afrocentric education will … Continue reading

Sharia banking: Not unsecular, but deceitful to Muslims?

I first heard of the introduction of sharia loan programs at North American banks this past summer. It didn’t bother me, and why should it have? It’s not like having sharia banking options is going to affect the options of others. It’s not like we are all going to have to engage in sharia banking. Some … Continue reading

Faking faith to get one’s kids into UK state-funded religious schools

It has been pointed out frequently by prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris that there are notably more nonreligious people than statistics indicate. For a variety of reasons (e.g., fear of negative social consequences), it seems that some atheists and agnostics are claiming to be of faith. In the UK, a new … Continue reading