Lockdown at the University of British Columbia

Earlier today there was an ordered lockdown at the University of British Columbia‘s Biological Sciences Building. Upon receiving notice of a threat, UBC security ordered the roughly 1,000 students, faculty and staff to remain in their classrooms and laboratories. It was no one in, no one out, with the exception of people with a secret police password—they could get in. At this time no arrests have been made and no knowledge as to the identity or motives of the person or people behind the threat has been released to the public—if indeed anything is known in the first place. Fear and urgency was heightened given the memory of Virginia Tech.

I am personally very glad nothing terrible happened. As someone with a deep personal affection for Vancouver, a truly wonderful and beautiful city, and the University of British Columbia, a truly wonderful and beautiful university, I would have been particularly saddened had such an event happened at UBC.

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