God is Dying in Canada

One could say that God is dying in Canada, as well as many other places. Because there is no good reason to believe that any God actually exists in reality, one could say that God is alive insofar as the God meme (i.e., the socially propagated idea) is being subscribed to and spread. Research in … Continue reading

On personal spiritualism and liberal religiosity

A little while back a friend asked me if I thought that recent violent acts by religious fundamentalists have stained the benefits of interiorized spirituality. Since this is a good question and one at the heart of much of my thinking on religion and “spirituality” (I’ll explain the shutter quotes later), I figured I’d make … Continue reading

The short-comings of every theist argument that I have ever heard, and the one type of case that gives me some pause

 I am an agnostic atheist. An agnostic atheist is one who does not make the assertive statement “There is no God”, but simply lacks a belief in any God. I do not know for certain that there is no God, so I won’t claim such knowledge. In my experience, though, I have had no experiences … Continue reading

Why do people believe in Gods? Oxford to launch a $4 million research program on religious belief.

Associate Press (via AZ Central) reports that the University of Oxford is about to embark on a nearly $4 million research program investigating why mankind believes in God(s). The US-based John Templeton Foundation providing the financial resources that will enable the Oxford-based Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion to gather anthropologists, theologians, philosophers and other academics together … Continue reading

As Richard Dawkins says, some of us just go one god further

From Matterr via The Friendly Atheist A question and a comment: Why is Buddha on this list? Isn’t Buddha said to have simply been a creative, deep-thinking, compassionate and insightful human male? Including the Flying Spaghetti Monster probably would have put things further into perspective.

Is one arrogant if they point out the irrationality in believing in leprechauns? What about God?

A query to the rationalist community: Don’t you just love it how religious people believe that their beliefs are somehow special? And that to point out the irrationality in believing them and to refer to the beliefs as having all the tell-tale signs of a fairy tale until proven otherwise is arrogant?

Tearing down a Christian’s “good” argument for theism line by line

In the comment section of Doubt in and faking of faith, and the need for secular alternatives to religious communities a reader named Colin has accused me of having strawmaned Christianity and of neglecting arguments against my position. I maintain that I have done no such thing. But to leave no doubts in his mind, … Continue reading