Tom Green rages at idiots on Fox News’ Red Eye

The video of the dopes on Faux Noise’s 3 AM program Red Eye ripping on Canada and Canadian troops in Afghanistan as certainly made its rounds on the net as of late. Here it is incase you haven’t seen it.

It has annoyed and angered quite a few people, to say the least. I would describe my reaction as mildly annoyed. I just don’t view these people as credible, and so their idiotic views hardly phased me. A few months ago, I would’ve been more annoyed. But now it’s becoming increasingly clear that the target market of this network – right wing lunatics and ignoramuses – are moving further and further into marginalization.

Tom Green, on the other hand, was absolutely enraged. I pass the video on because it’s important to support those in the public eye who speak out against this horrible network. While it’s true that corruption in news media spreads across the television dial, Fox News is in a league of its own. The bar was already so low, so the people at Fox News routinely take to digging.

13 Responses to “Tom Green rages at idiots on Fox News’ Red Eye”
  1. tolerator says:

    Fuck you man, Tom’s pathetic and has nothing to lose. You’re a douchebag who wouldnt know “reason” if it bit you in the pudgy Starbucks drinking ass.

  2. RB says:

    I wouldn’t know reason if it bit me in the pudgy starbucks drinking ass? Please explain.

  3. angelopc says:

    Who is Tom Green?

  4. angelopc says:

    Is he only on YouTube?

  5. Steven says:

    Red Eye is always funny and occasionally brilliant. Reminiscent of Fernwood 2nite on club drugs.
    Green on the other hand is a rather pointless hack who had his 15 minutes of MTV fame.
    Get over it, Canadians. Red Eye was mocking Canada’s leadership not the soldiers. Oh, as if no Canadian comedy show (Mercer, This Hour Has 22 Minutes) has ever done that, right?
    What hypocrites!

  6. Steven says:

    And anyone who uses the term Faux Noise is obviously a stereotypical, delusional, elitist hack. Worship at the feet of Olbermann much? I bet MSNBC is where you get all your “reliable” news, right? Well, it is where i go for comedy. A shame none of it’s intentional. Kinda like Green.

  7. Jon says:

    Wow…I didn’t know Canadians were so easily offended.

  8. jay kay says:

    ‘Canadians are easily offended’?! This fat piece of manure Greg Gutfield is essentially making fun of brave Canadian troops who are dying in place of cowardly Americans who are too stupid and moronic to realize that they (and the puppet ruler they have placed in power there) are NOT LIKED, NOT WANTED and NOT NEEDED in Afghanistan. Hello. I don’t see any reason why Canadians should die just because the current Canadian leader is a conservative redneck who kisses IsraHELL’s backside. If war is so NOT a big deal, send Greg off to war. That’ll solve everything!!!

  9. jay kay says:

    Hey Steven, if you n hate Olbermann so much, why are you giving him extra publicity? LOLOLOLOL! So anyone who actually attended college and who can out-debate you is ‘Elitist’ and anyone who isn’t employed at Faux or sucks Faux’s teat is a ‘hack’? Which is funny as Faux Noise is famous for employing NOTHING BUT ‘over-the-hill hacks’! LOLOLOLOL!!!

  10. jay kay says:

    Hey, how can Tom Green be a ‘pointless hack’? Because if he was a pointless hack, he’d be employed by Faux Noise! LOLOL! Oh, and as per the ol’ ‘we’re not criticizing the troops, we’re critiquing the govt.’ excuse, hey buster, it’s the troops THEMSELVES who want out; The current govt. in Canada is a bunch of conservative retards who suck Israel’s arse and they sent the troops there in the first place – in essence, Faux is criticizing their own Canadian stooges in power! It doesn’t make sense to criticize their own allies working for the same goals but then again, Faux never did logic well, did they?

  11. jay kay says:

    Faux probably wanted to hire Tom Green but he wasn’t insane, disgusting or mean -spirited enough for them….

  12. Anonymous says:

    Narrow mlded redneeks

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