May 20, 2010: Draw Muhammad Day

This is my first post in forever – and probably my last post in a similar time frame. But I wanted to take part in Draw Muhammad Day, a worthy international effort spawned online in order to stand up to Islamofascists who use threats of violence to control the behaviour of others.

I created it myself. Following the lead of others I’ve seen online, I’ve deliberately made it benign (i.e., no negative imagery). The stick figure is for simplicity, not to demean. This said, I reserve every right to post any horribly vile image of Muhammad that I wish. It’s not something I have any intention of doing, but I have every civil right to. The purpose of going the benign route is to highlight the ridiculousness of the inhumanly vile over-reaction of said Islamofascists.

As Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks has pointed out, perhaps these people’s problem is that they don’t really believe in Allah. If they did, then why do they need to take it upon themselves to harm those non-Muslims who break Allah’s rules for Muslims? What? They don’t think that Allah has got the situation under control? That he can’t handle a few cartoonists?

3 Responses to “May 20, 2010: Draw Muhammad Day”
  1. john says:

    more pics are needed. we should not be cowed by these unthinking people.

  2. billy bob says:

    Is this draw Muhammad day nothing more then a troll? sure seems like it, why else are people doing it.

    This is the thing, there is really no point to it, only to make people angry, its not like people want to post Muhammad or have any real reason, its just a troll, seriously.

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