Anti-Hate Police to Target UK Anonymous?

The following video presents claims that London police have notified local Anons that anti-hate crime police officers will be on-site at tomorrow’s protest against the Cult of Scientology. One of the rules will be that only signs stating facts are allowed. Signs stating opinions will be confiscated. If the officer believes that the statement is … Continue reading

If they’re so concerned about modesty, why do these Muslims think they’re so special?

The UK-based Telegraph reports: Muslim medical students* are refusing to obey hygiene rules brought in to stop the spread of deadly superbugs, because they say it is against their religion. Women training in several hospitals in England have raised objections to removing their arm coverings in theatre and to rolling up their sleeves when washing … Continue reading

Faking faith to get one’s kids into UK state-funded religious schools

It has been pointed out frequently by prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris that there are notably more nonreligious people than statistics indicate. For a variety of reasons (e.g., fear of negative social consequences), it seems that some atheists and agnostics are claiming to be of faith. In the UK, a new … Continue reading