London Anon Protester Given Court Summons For Sign Declaring Scientology a Cult

A London protester who goes by the pseudonym “Epic Nose Guy” was handed a Court Summons yesterday at Operation: FairGameStop in London for not giving up his right to accurately refer to the Cult of Scientology as a cult. ENG was told by an officer to discontinue displaying his sign and was given 30 minutes … Continue reading

Anti-Hate Police to Target UK Anonymous?

The following video presents claims that London police have notified local Anons that anti-hate crime police officers will be on-site at tomorrow’s protest against the Cult of Scientology. One of the rules will be that only signs stating facts are allowed. Signs stating opinions will be confiscated. If the officer believes that the statement is … Continue reading

Hateful message directed to Pastarians at Michigan Tech University

“they should be shot and hanged from the tallest redwood and then thrown to the raging sea” read the note posted on the door of the newly-formed Michigan Tech University Pastafarian club. In October, the website of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster reported that the two students who had been identified as the … Continue reading