Anti-Hate Police to Target UK Anonymous?

The following video presents claims that London police have notified local Anons that anti-hate crime police officers will be on-site at tomorrow’s protest against the Cult of Scientology. One of the rules will be that only signs stating facts are allowed. Signs stating opinions will be confiscated. If the officer believes that the statement is false, the protester will be arrested.

Well this is pretty murky isn’t it? In some cases it will be pretty clear if something is opinion or fact. For instance, it is a fact that L. Ron Hubbard penned Fair Game policy. And at minimum, there is extensive evidence from many independent individuals indicating that Scientology does strongly encourage (if not force, in some cases) disconnection of Scientologists from people deemed to be critical of Scientology.

But what about calling Scientology a fraud? There is very extensive evidence for this, of course. But in this case “fraud” does not refer to one specific event. It’s an adjective used to describe an observed regularity over time in “church” conduct. But can the officers necessarily be expected to know this? What about a sign saying “Tom Cruise Can’t Fly”. No one has proven that he can’t fly. Heh. Okay, that part was just me goofing around. But what is an officer who may not know much about the protest to make of this sign? How about a sign saying that the Church of Scientology is an unethical organization? This is an opinion based on relevant facts. However, it is an opinion. Why should Anons not be able to voice this opinion? To infringe upon this freedom would be a blatant infraction of free speech rights.

What about secularism? What about equality? I hardly see how Scientology deserves special treatment. Heck, not even Scientology follows this code of conduct. Based on all sorts of misrepresentations, they call psychiatry an industry of death. Would a sign declaring “Scientology is a Cult of Death” be allowed? Highly doubtful, even if there have been a number of very curious deaths in the cult. It may still be a stretch to call it a cult of death, but it is one hell of a stretch to make parallel claims of psychiatry.

It’s clear that the London police force – as well as many other police units around the world – need to become more educated on this sinister cult. They need to realize that the Cult of Scientology is the terrorist organization. They are the ones who should be receiving extra monitoring from the authorities. For the record, I absolutely support having strong police representation at the protests in order to ensure civility and safety by protesters and cult members. I even see good reason to believe that members of Anonymous warrant a measure of extra police caution given their anonymity and how this could potentially contribute to a sort of mob mentality. However, police forces need to realize that Anonymous is simply a mass of loosely connected and ultimately independent protesters who are protesting anonymously not because they want to wreak havoc or incite terror, but because they are genuinely concerned about being terrorized by this historically vicious cult, with its startling track record of brutally harassing critics.

For more on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

4 Responses to “Anti-Hate Police to Target UK Anonymous?”
  1. [GBG] says:

    Shame the police don’t show this kind of disregard for freedom of speech when we have fanatical muslims running rampant in London calling for the murders of British people and thier elected officials.

  2. L. Ron Brown says:

    GBG: I don’t really know much about Islam in Britain, other than that there is apparently a pretty radical Islamic subpopulation and that many have accused the British as well as other European governments of bending over backwards for them.

    What is the extent of the type of behaviour you cited? I’ve heard of this sort of thing happening in Europe, but don’t know too much about many of the particulars (excluding a few examples, e.g., the Muhammed cartoon fiasco).

  3. Anonymous says:

    I really _cannot_ believe that something like this is happening in a developed country. Censorship of the word “cult” in a situation that meets the EXACT dictionary definition is madness beyond imagination.

  4. STIB1966 says:

    youTube, type in ‘radical islam over runs london streets’. My heart sinks. SH

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