Mental Health Risks For Political Activists

  We’ve heard of mental health risks for trauma victims, models, high-performance athletes, people in the public eye, soldiers, executives, people living in poverty, and many other social demographics. As a political activist who studies and works in healthcare, is currently on a placement in a mental health unit, and has had personal struggles with … Continue reading

Scientology Ad in University of Toronto Student Newspaper

This ad was spotted by a friend in the University of Toronto student paper, The Varsity. Quick questions for the CoS: * Would the customer be buying the book at $16.00, or making a “fixed donation” of $16.00? * Is there a student discount? For more on Scientology, click here.

Desparation: When no one else wants to take your stress test

For more on the Cult of Scientology, click here.

Cult of Scientology propagandizing Quebec

Cult of Scientology anti-Psychiatry front group the (euphemistically named) Commission of Concerned Citizens for Human Rights has sent pamphlets to the homes of Quebeckers making ridiculous slanderous claims such as that attention deficit disorder is a fiction concocted by psychiatrists in order to make money. These pamphlets do not specify the fact that the CCHR … Continue reading

Sydney woman deprived of psychiatric meds by Scientologist parents kills father and sister

ABC News reports that this past July, a 26-year-old Sydney woman suffering from psychiatric illness attacked her mother, father and sister with a knife, killing the latter two while doing “grievous bodily harm with intent to murder” the former. “The Supreme Court was told mental health will be an issue at the trial, which will start … Continue reading

90 day Ron

In 90 days I will still most likely find it to have been unjustifiably inconsiderate to, as an art project, create a blog entitled 90DayJane in which a person calling herself Jane claims that she plans on committing suicide in 90 days. While I don’t think this Jane is a bad person, this was surely a … Continue reading

Exorcism on the rise in Europe

MSNBC reports that exorcism – the church rite of expelling evil spirits from tortured souls – is making a comeback in Catholic regions of Europe. Last July, more than 300 exorcists gathered in Cezestochowa, Poland for the fourth International Congress of Exorcists. Polish Reverend Andrzej Trojanowski is currently planning the development of Europe’s only centre … Continue reading

GlaxoSmithKline occused of hiding information on suicide risk of Paxil

Analysis of recently released internal GlaxoSmithKline memos and reports is suggesting that GSK had obscured data indicating that Paxil (paroxetine), a popular and profitable antidepressant medication, produces an eightfold increase in suicide risk. GSK is accused of having engaged in obviously illegitimate scientific practices in the analysis and presentation of data so as to not display … Continue reading

Tom Cruise on Scientology: We are the way to happiness and the authorities on the mind.

Here’s how Tom Cruise describes Scientology on a Church promotional video: When you’re a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help. We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on … Continue reading