GlaxoSmithKline occused of hiding information on suicide risk of Paxil

Analysis of recently released internal GlaxoSmithKline memos and reports is suggesting that GSK had obscured data indicating that Paxil (paroxetine), a popular and profitable antidepressant medication, produces an eightfold increase in suicide risk. GSK is accused of having engaged in obviously illegitimate scientific practices in the analysis and presentation of data so as to not display their data indicating the eightfold increase in suicide risk. What is more, they are alleged to have suppressed this knowledge of increased suicide risk for 15 years.

One might ask: How do they sleep at night? Perhaps with a pillowcase full of money…

I can’t help but ask myself, though, if the rest of us are all that innocent ourselves. While we may not have knowingly sold pharmaceuticals that we knew increased the likelihood of suicide by 800%, most of us are remarkably apathetic when it comes to demanding that our nations contribute more aid to poorer nations, improving working standards abroad, animal rights, and generally doing things to oppose the oppression and exploitation that we benefit from.

4 Responses to “GlaxoSmithKline occused of hiding information on suicide risk of Paxil”
  1. Katie Kish says:

    … I dont know about other people’s doctors, but the 2 that have prescribed me paxil both told me that it greatly increases the risk of suicide and then offered me an alternative. (Telling me what the 2nd wouldn’t do that paxil would in terms of what I needed)

  2. Colin says:

    This is especially egregious when you consider that regular exercise has the same effect on depression that pharmaceuticals do.

  3. ronbrown says:

    Katie: I was prescribed Paxil in the late 90s and don’t recall receiving any such warning.

    Colin: In my experience anti-depressants add to the positive effects of exercise (and vice versa). I have done regular exercise alone, and regular exercise plus anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication and the difference for me has been very significant at the level of thinking, emotion and behaviour. I’m not sure if they’ve done research comparing medication and medication + exercise.

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