Mental Health Risks For Political Activists

  We’ve heard of mental health risks for trauma victims, models, high-performance athletes, people in the public eye, soldiers, executives, people living in poverty, and many other social demographics. As a political activist who studies and works in healthcare, is currently on a placement in a mental health unit, and has had personal struggles with … Continue reading

Interested in the Cognitive Science of Meditation, Mindfulness, Intelligence and Cognitive Function?

I recently discovered a great blog on ScienceBlogs entitled Developing Intelligence. Produced by University of Colarado at Boulder Cognitive Neuroscience graduate student, Chris Chatham, Developing Intelligence profiles fascinating current Cognitive Science research on mindfulness meditation and other means of training attention. Specifically, Chatham discusses demonstrated effects of mental training techniques on attention, meta-cognition and executive … Continue reading

Brainwashed Scientologist cannot honestly answer a simple question

According to Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard, a Scientologist who has attained the Scientology state of “Clear” has a perfect memory. In this video, a Scientologist who has reached this state admits that she does not have a perfect memory but is unable to admit one of the following rationally obligatory conclusions: 1) She is … Continue reading

Scientology Psychobabble: The brain & mind according to Hubbard

In this video, a Scientologist makes a number of apparently absurd and/or far-fetched L. Ron Hubbard-based claims. Firstly, he (i.e., the speaker; though “he” could just as easily refer to Hubbard, as this person is clearly well indoctrinated into Hubbard’s dogmatic cult of personality) claims that the function of the brain is to act as a shock absorber for the … Continue reading

Cult of Scientology propagandizing Quebec

Cult of Scientology anti-Psychiatry front group the (euphemistically named) Commission of Concerned Citizens for Human Rights has sent pamphlets to the homes of Quebeckers making ridiculous slanderous claims such as that attention deficit disorder is a fiction concocted by psychiatrists in order to make money. These pamphlets do not specify the fact that the CCHR … Continue reading

Moses was very probably high on psychedelic drugs, says Cognitive Psychologist

According to Hebrew University (Jerusalem) cognitive psychologist Benny Shanon, Moses was very probably under the influence of psychedelic drugs when he heard God deliver the Ten Commandments and when he saw the burning bush. In a study published in the Time and Mind Journal of Philosophy, Shanon says that such mind-altering substances played an integral … Continue reading

Why do people believe in Gods? Oxford to launch a $4 million research program on religious belief.

Associate Press (via AZ Central) reports that the University of Oxford is about to embark on a nearly $4 million research program investigating why mankind believes in God(s). The US-based John Templeton Foundation providing the financial resources that will enable the Oxford-based Ian Ramsey Center for Science and Religion to gather anthropologists, theologians, philosophers and other academics together … Continue reading

Does belief in free will affect moral behaviour? Can we reconcile free will and determinism?

Deric Bownds profiles a study by Vohs and Schooler of the University of British Columbia, which found that the presenting arguments for determinism increases the likelihood of selfishness and cheating.

Religious lunatic cuts off and microwaves own hand

Mark Robinson of the Clarington Durham Regional Humanists reviews the MSNBC story of a dangerously devout Christian man in his mid-20s who amputated and microwaved his hand, which be believed bore the “mark of the beast”. Amazing how people can believe in a God that supposedly inspired this sort of thing to be written in a … Continue reading

Tom Cruise on Scientology: We are the way to happiness and the authorities on the mind.

Here’s how Tom Cruise describes Scientology on a Church promotional video: When you’re a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help. We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on … Continue reading